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Purchase Solid Control Equipment


TENDER NO : FP/06-89/035
INDENT NO : 43-22-8600348002
Solid control Equipment

TENDER NO : FP/06-89/036
INDENT NO : 43-22-8600348004
Solid control Equipment

National Iranian drilling co. registered economical code: 411331678943.

Intends to purchase above mentioned material (equipments) through singing contract (purchase order)unInterested manufacturing & suppliers intend to take part in this tender, are requested to attain documents from either of following address:

A.Jomhori Islami Ave.Yaghma alley, NIOC building NO.8 room No 431 Tehran_ Iran

B.Karoon industrial area, commercial directorate of FPD.Dep.NIDC .Ahwaz_Iran

100,000 Rls have to be paid to account No.0105054040006 BMI in favor of NIDC (documents FEE)

1. Closing date would Oct 27 , 2010 on Wednesday.

2. Technical offers would be opened according to the following table.

Date: Saturday Oct 30, 2010 9:00 a.m
Tender number: FP/06-89/035

Date: Saturday Oct 30, 2010 9:30 a.m
Tender number: FP/06-89/036

3.In the event that technical offer accepted the opening date of priced offer would be announced to bidders.
4. Bidders should afford to render both bid bond & PBG as stipulated in tenders documents.
5. The Attached Tender Guarantee Form Should Be Filled Equal to

Following amounts for local and foregn tenderers With at least 90 days validity From Expiry Date of proposal.

Locol Tenderers: 22,300,000 Rials
Forign Tenderers: 1,650 Euro
TENDER NO: FP/06-89/035

Locol Tenderers: 10,500,000 Rials
Forign Tenderers: 777 Euro
TENDER NO: FP/06-89/036

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Foreign Procurement Dept
National Iranian Drilling Company

Sep 13, 2010 21:37
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