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Tender 1450 “Rectifier and special transformers replacement in Sarcheshmeh Copper Complex” (E4 Project of Electrical Renovation Project)

National Iranian Copper Industries Company (NICICO) intends to allocate accredited companies to implement the project as a public two steps international tender with the following general conditions and specifications:

a) Scope of work: Engineering, Procurement and construction as a EPC project concerning replacement the transformers as follows:

1- Two sets of rectifier transformer, 10MVA / 2*7 MVA, 20KV/2*(400-100)V

2- One set of rectifier transformer, 2.3MVA / 2*1.6 MVA, 20KV/2*(85-17)V

3- One set of rectifier transformer, 1.4MVA/2*1 MVA, 20KV/2*33.5V

4- One set of rectifier transformer, 1.1MVA/2*0.8MVA, 20KV/2*161V

5- One set of transformer, 2320 KVA, 20KV/0.77 KV

Note: The cooling system of the mentioned transformers in the existing items 1 and 3 are done with water. There are great deals of strict limitations on replacement and installation in terms of dimensions of current location and current electrical connections.

b) Project duration: 24 months

c) Project location: Islamic Republic of Iran, Kerman province, 50Km far away from Rafsanjan, Sarcheshmeh Copper Complex

d) Main requirements for accredited companies:

1- Official legal registration of the company

2- Consistency the articles of association with the tender subject

3- Having an qualified international joint venture in manufacturing the special transformers (tenderer have to submit officially readiness and pervious references for this Co-operation or similar Co-operation as well )

4- Co-operation with a contractor with rank 1 or 2 or 3 in Electrical or Industries from Planning Assistant Presidential Organization or the companies who accredited by NICICO in this project (tenderer have to submit officially readiness and pervious references for this Co-operation or similar Co-operation as well )

5- Provision of international or national reference list and a copy of related pages of their contracts (Budget, Key person of the relevant client, Image of contract consist of price-period-scope of work-employer)

6- Having adequate specialists and well-equipped machinery

7- Ability of delivery a Bank Performance Grantee in amount 80.000 Euros or Rials.

Eligible candidates who are able to prepare mentioned documents in "d" item can officially notify NICICO within 15 workdays after publishing the second announcement. Please send your readiness letter and related and following documents to Contracts affair (Tender 1450), Sarcheshmeh copper town, Kerman province, Islamic Republic of Iran. In addition, please fax the cover letter to +983912883402.

The documentations are as follows:

- A copy of the articles of association and the latest official newspaper which indicates member of boards and authorized signatures.

- Provision of the above mentioned documents in items 3, 4, 5

- Previous success stories

- Capability evidence

- Personnel list and official machinery liability documents appropriate for implementation of this project.

- Provision of main pages of HSE PLAN as well as incident reports within last two years during works and equipment operations

The tender documents will be dispatched among the eligible candidates based on the NICICO qualification procedure.

NICICO reserves the rights to accept or reject any applicants without any obligation towards them.

The relevant fee of this announcement must be paid by the winner of the tender.

Please contact us if you need more information on +98 391 2883403-8 or visit our website:

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