Wed, August 05, 2020, 20:59
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Dutch Merchants lose from Imposing sanctions on Iran
Business people and trade and economic activists of Netherland objected against sanctions imposed on Iran, declaring they have nothing to do with politics but the sanctions against Iran causes more loss to their interests than to Iran.

As reported by the Department of Public Relations, Organization for Investment, Economic and technical assistance of Iran, quoting from News channel, the Dutch trades people in a meeting with the representatives of Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance of the Netherlands, at the venue of Trade Development Organization of the said country, objecting against imposing sanctions against Iran announced that they are not involved in politics but the sanctions cause more loss to the Netherlands and her trades people than Iran, endangering the interests of Dutch firms.
Following the meeting, the Trade Association of Iran-Netherlands released a press statement announcing: the Sanctions imposed by the European Union  far exceed the Security Council sanctions, putting the European firms and companies at a lower stance, comparing international competitors and causing loss to them.
The statement stipulates that some companies which used to export goods and services to  Iran, notwithstanding the efforts made by Iranian side to pay their debts, are facing restrictions in money transfer, causing losses not only to Iranian parties but also to European exporters and the governments of European Union.
Trade Association of Iran-Netherlands, a private body, emphasizes that the historical experience of the international trade sanctions shows that the market finds its way, anyway.

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