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Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance: Foreign investors avoid monopolistic behavior
Seyed Shamseddin Hosseini, Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance saying that the nations expect to experience fair distribution of capital in practice, added: the foreign investors should avoid aggressive and monopolistic behavior.

As reported  by the Department of Public Relations, Organization for Investment, Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran quoting from IRNA, Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance, addressing the ministers and high-ranking officials of 40 countries speaking on Tuesday in the meeting for examining the investment policies  in the city of Xiamen in south China, said: any form of manipulation, mislead or pressure on international bodies for preventing access to free flow of capital of capital and trade, knowledge and technology and management skills is strongly denounced.
He added: no sanctions should be imposed to obstacle the healthy and instructive flow of capital to a country or nation.
Doctor Hosseini noted that no government should deny its people or firms from  investing abroad through these kinds of decisions and imposing its ideas on them.
Minister of Economy, referring to the lessons learned from the global crisis in the course of last three years said: in the capital market and some countries, there is a strong tendency to get around the laws and ignore supervision over financial markets, which has been the main cause of the crisis.
As said by him, the adverse approach towards excessive deregulation and liberalization has created kind of environment in investment which makes reviewing the domestic or foreign investment policies unavoidable. He added: If the bodies, structures instruments and mechanisms of the capital market are defined appropriately, we will stay away from the crisis.
Saying that the flow of capital does not create crisis per se, he noted: doubtlessly , ignorance of supervision and lack of care taking in making regulations lead to crisis. Liberalizing capital should be based on win-win strategy with logical relations between the interests of the investing and investee countries, in that case kind of coordination and cooperation between the foreign and domestic investments is formed.
In another part of his speech, referring to Article  44 of constitution, he described the measures taken to facilitate domestic and foreign investment, especially by the private sectors. He added: due to the measures taken, the volume of investment attracted to Iran experienced a 85% increase in 2009 and the capital market index had a 57% growth.
Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance  regarded promotion and protection of investment, including foreign investment, a main pillar of the fifth development plan, noting: one of the main priorities is to use the resources of National Development Fund for attraction and protection of foreign investment.
Th3e second World Investment Forum opened on Tuesday in Xiamen and finished on Thursday.

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