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Coring Operation and Related Services

Iranian Offshore Oil Company (IOOC) intends to Tender for " Coring Operation and Related Services" in Iranian Continental Shelf of the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea with following conditions:

Location: Persian Gulf and Oman Sea

Period: Five years


A. Ability of Submitting "Good Performance Guarantee" in the amount of 10% annual Contract price.

B. IOOC shall not consider proposals which are qualified (conditional), ambiguous, or received after expiration of Closing Date.

C. The Bid Bond for Iranian company shall be Iranian Rial 432,700,000.00 and for Non-Iranian companies shall be Euro 30,460.00.

D. IOOC shall award the job to an Iranian or an International contractor or a joint venture or consortium of Iranian and International contractors.

E. The Closing Date for submission of the Bids shall be on / or prior to 14 .00 PM, 1st November 2010.

F. Bidders shall submit their Bids to IOOC Transaction Committee at 9th Floor.

G.The validity of the submitted proposals shall be 90 calendar days as from the Closing Date.

H. IOOC shall reserve the right of accepting or rejecting of any/all proposals without presenting any reason.

The companies who have ability and are willing to participate in the Tender are requested to Submit a written request enclosing documents substantiating their capability and competences for performing the subject matter such as resume and experiences and Article of Associaion to Contract Department.

The Tender Documents could be collected upto 1st October, 2010, in the following address.

Address: 5thFloor, #38, Touraj Street, Vali-e-Asr Ave., Modarres Crossroad, Tehran, Iran.

Telephone: +98 21 23 94 25 13

Fax: +98 21 22 66 42 34

Iranian Offshore Oil Company

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