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Fear and Hope in Trade Relations between Iran and Japan
In the visiting of JETRO representative in Iran with ICCIM Vice-President in International Affairs, Iran sanctions were discussed and considered which effect on the trade relations between two countries.
According to the report of ICCIM Public Relations, In spite of there are sanctions against Iran by UN and other countries, JETRO representative in Iran expressed, "the sanctions are a political issue and Iranian market is a good one in Asia. Therefore Japan would like to increase its share in Iran, because Iran has a high Industry."
"Naoeih" added, "Iran economy is very strong and if the subsidies are programmed, the income can be allocated to other industries."
ICCIM Vice-President in international affairs asked, "Are there any program for dispatching of delegation to Iran?"
JETRO representative replied, "Now the situation is difference and we can not organize any delegation, we must find other ways for trading with Iran."
"Fakheri" said, "Japan sanctions against Iran don't effect on trade relations in short time, but it may effect on them in long time."
He added, "We must recognize the ways which haven't legal problems and we must consider and emphasize on them."
Fakheri continued, "The economical development is confronted with problems by sanctions and the omission of subsidies and they cause double pressure to other industries."
He specified, "If the income of the omission of subsidies is used in annual budget, there will be unemployment and the users must pay more money. But it is better to use for developing economic."

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