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Bid for purchasing 20,000 MT (±10%) Calcined Petroleum Coke (CPC)

Almahdi Aluminium Corporation

Invitation to Bid for purchasing 20,000 MT (±10%) Calcined Petroleum Coke (CPC)

Almahdi Aluminum Corporation (AAC), an affiliated company to Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization (IMIDRO) intends to purchase its consumable needed Calcined Petroleum Coke (CPC) for Anode production in Bandar Abbas, Iran, according to the following conditions: Explanatory Notes:

1-Subject: Purchase of 20,000MT CPC in Bulk

2- Physical and Chemical Specifications:

All bidders should send statute of their suppliers and should be sent it in the Envelope marked "A". For shipment, Release Certificate of Almahdi’s nominated Inspection Company shall be obtained. Bidders should send the Physical and Chemical Specifications, delivery time and the same together with Bank Guarantee in a sealed envelope marked "A". To obtain technical specifications and contract text, please refer to our webmail: and have it signed and sealed and sends in envelope marked "A". Bidder’s specifications must be approved by Almahdi Quality Control and Laboratory Department. For more details you may also send an email to:

3- Delivery Time (ETA): 10 December, 2010

4- Bid’s Price: Bids must be presented on Bidder’s official letter and signed by authorized signatory in a sealed and stamped envelope marked "B". Proposals should be valid for 2 months after closing date. Unit Price proposed by bidders must be in MT/USD only and sent inside the envelope "B".

5- Delivery Term: CIF Bandar- Abbas Port, Iran, Transit to Persian Gulf Mining and Metal Industries Special Zone.

6-Payment term: Cash or Swap (against high grade Aluminum, P1020). Exchange Rate of Aluminum Sows is calculated based on the ten working days before issuance of Warehouse Holding Certificate + 38 USD.

7-Bid Guarantee: The bid guarantee is 125,000 Euro (One hundred and twenty Five Thousands Euro) or equivalent value in Rials or AED (United Arab Emirates) which is paid to the following account. The bid guarantee can be provided in the form of an extendable bank guarantee which must be valid for 2 months after Closing date and extendable for 3 months. The bank guarantee is to be presented with the bidder’s technical specs, inside the envelope marked ‘A’ .Bids without, or with invalid bank guarantee will be rejected. Name of Beneficiary: Almahdi Aluminum Corporation (AAC) Account No: 240001493 Swift Code: EDBIIRTHBAN
Bank Address: Export Development Bank of Iran, Branch Code: 1324, Bandar Abbas, Iran

8-Address: Bids documents (Envelopes marked "A" and "B") must be sent to the following address:
AAC Trade Commission Office, Km 18 Shaheed Rajaei Port Road, Bandar Abbas, Iran
Post Code: 79171-7-6385

9 -Closing date: Bids must reach to AAC Trade Commission office on or before 13:00 p.m , local
time, on Sunday the 17th of October, 2010.Late bids shall be rejected.

10- Other Terms and conditions:

• The provisional, deficient, unsigned and stamped proposals and those which are received after
deadline are invalid.
• AAC has the right to accept or reject any of proposals
• Confused bids or bids without Bid Guarantees or with an invalid guarantee will not be considered.

For more information contact AAC Trade Commission Office

Tel: +98 -761-215 2631 Fax: +98-761-559 2029

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