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The Visiting of General Director of World Customs Organization with the Head of ICCIM
Recommendation for the establishment of a permanent secretariat between the customs offices of the countries on Silk Road and the world customs organization in Iran
General Director of World Customs Organization has traveled to Tehran in order to attend the 3rd International Conference on the Role of Customs Offices in Developing and Facilitating Trade among the Countries of Silk Road. He visited and negotiated with "Mohammad Nahavandian" the Head of ICCIM, through the delegation to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance and Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Office.
Mohammad Nahavandian pointed out the close cooperation between Iran and Turkey Chambers of Commerce and the excellent level of ties between the two countries; he further recommended that the potentials of the two countries be used for the training of customs managers of the countries of Silk Road and promoting the quality level of the said organization.
According to the report of ICCIM Public Relations, in this meeting, he pointed out the efforts taken by the Iranian government to equip the customs offices across the nation with ASYCUDA mechanism system, which deals with the past.
He also pointed out the increasingly growth of IT in the region and asked for more aids of the world customs organization for the equipping the customs offices of the regional countries with the latest technology in this sector.
The head of ICCIM also attached great importance to the involvement of the private sector, which is the main beneficiary of the customs activities.
He stated the readiness of Iran Chamber to help the government and to enhance the interaction between the private and governmental sectors in order to expedite and facilitate customs operations and consequently to the business boom and the transit of goods in the region.
Nahavandian noted: "The boom of Silk Road increases the importance of the said road as the volume of trade in East is exceeding the west now and it won’t be possible without the modernizing all customs  offices across the nation of the countries of the region including the countries of the Middle East.
He recommended that the permanent secretariat will be established in Iran to have required coordination between the customs agencies of the Silk Road countries and world customs organization and the potentials of other organization like D8, ECO … will be used in which Iran Chamber has an active attendance as well.
He, addressing his attendance and that of Dr Fakheri, Deputy of International Affairs of the Iran Chamber of Commerce of the two-day
International Conference in Tehran, also hoped to achieve all predetermined goals of this conference through the cooperation of the present representatives of other regional countries.
"Mikuria", General Director of World Customs Organization, emphasized on the goals of conference, which are the reasons of his presence in Iran Chamber. He pointed out the efforts of the corresponding organization to strengthen the Iran customs and other  countries in the region, including dispatching the experts of world customs organization, evaluating the Iran customs' standards, providing advisory services to reach desirable standards.
He further attached great importance to equipping the customs’ borders of Iran and Turkey with a single-window  system for standardization of control standards, offering all required services for the transit of goods and travel of vehicles in one single place benefiting from the latest IT equipment to boom the Silk Road accordingly.

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