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The Meeting of Armenian Prime-Minister, attended by the Head and Members of ICCIM
The expansion of ties between the private sectors of Iran and Armenia in the fields of Tourism, Energy, Transportation, Bank and Insurance were emphasized in the meeting attended by the Armenian Prime-Minister in Iran Chamber.

The meeting of Armenian Prime-minister and his trade delegation, attended by "Mohammad Nahavandian", the Head head of Iran Chamber and many of Iranian tradesmen of the  private sector was held at Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines aiming at expansion of trade relations between the two countries, investigating the joint fields of cooperating parties for "joint venture", "the establishment of trading centers", and “elimination of customs barriers "," the expansion of ties in the fields of agriculture, tourism and transportation".

According to the report of ICCIM Public Relations, "Tigran Sargsyan", the Armenian Prime-Minister was pleased with his attendance in Iran Chamber and appreciated the Armenian government for the possibility of talks with Iranian economic activists.
He pointed, "There are friendship, mutual recognition and cooperation between the two countries, which date back to thousands of years ago. And we have good neighboring relations with each other”.
He said, "There is a political understanding between the two countries at very high level."
He also emphasized on the necessity to activate the commercial fields to the favor of the two sides and he further added: "We have to consider the mechanisms, which if they are implemented, we will realize the existing facilities and potentials between the two countries."
He said "The calculation shows that we can raise the volume of exchanges of goods and increase the volume of the exchanges of the products, which are more useful for the country from economic point of view." He emphasized on the plans for the establishment of "Electrical energy transmission lines", "oil and oil derivatives transport terminal" and "plans for railway construction". He also said: "The presidents of the two countries have signed a MOU on the said plans and we must find the ways to execute the said plans”.
He outlined the erection of an electric power plant in the 4th plan and emphasized on its execution accordingly.
He, pointing out the results of his negotiations with the Iranian officials, said "During these meetings, the dozens of new profitable areas were negotiated for the mutual cooperation of the two sides to be achieved.
He talked about the possibility of the establishment of an industrial free zone and said: “we can establish joint industrial companies and we will active the potentials, which exist in these sectors. 
He further added: "The establishment of these zones can also help develop railway because it lead into investment by the two sides."
He was pointing out the negotiation with the Iranian economic activists for the attraction of private investment in railway construction and stated: "The economic activists raised the issues about the customs and we have invited the officials of Iran customs to come to Armenia and to investigate the problems and to offer solutions.
Establishment of a joint gate of customs
He, emphasizing on the necessity for the establishment of a joint gate of customs and restated "the activists of the two sides will be concerned about customs in one place and the passage from one border" and also the customs will be accepted by the two sides and the customs must act according the conditions which are acceptable for two sides.
Sargsyan emphasized "It is better for Iran knows more about the laws of Armenia and our activists also have to know about the details of Iranian laws as well".
He pointed out "the lack of information on both sides will be provided through the cooperation of chambers of commerce of the two countries.
He, emphasizing the customs reform, said" Considering the experiences of the tradesmen, record of activity and reliability, corresponding tasks will be divided and the companies that have excellent records may perform their duties to exchange goods between the two countries in more desirable conditions".
He pointed out the potential for tourism development between two countries and said "Many tasks are bone by the companies, which are involved in the field of tourism."
He further added: "We can cooperate not only in energy sector but also in other commercial sectors with each other as well."
He also talked about the cultural cooperation: "we can work together to establish a center for the study of Armenia in the state university of Iran, establishing  a center for Iranian studies in Armenian university and other fields as well. Moreover, we should seek for the ways of cooperation between the two countries.
He asked for more meetings in order to increase the commercial meetings, attended by the private sectors of the two countries.
He pointed out the necessity for the elimination of economic problems of the two countries and the expanding of ties and further added "There is no issue, for which we have not reached a common understanding with Iran. All issues have been studied and we have received the responses, which are acceptable accordingly".
He also added "We are sure about the positive impression of our official visits and these visits shall be effective in the relations between the two countries."
The Head of ICCIM's emphasize on the Regional Economic Cooperation
"Dr. Mohammad Nahavandian", the Head of ICCIM, pointing out the recent trip to Armenia, positively evaluated his visits with the Armenian Prime-Minister and economic ministers about the commercial issues and said: "There are several areas in the economics of Iran and Armenia which can help the two sides".
Dr. Nahavandian also restated, "Iranian private sector believes that we can learn one lesson from the recent world economic crisis that is the regional economic cooperation." The recent global economic crisis showed that the economic globalization caused the vulnerability of economics in the critical condition, and the recent events showed that the structural weaknesses in governance of globalization in economic area caused the countries could not take necessary measures and arrangements in the critical situations.
An Approach to Regional Development; solution to overcome the economic crisis
The Head of ICCIM considered the approach of regional development as a solution to overcome the economic crisis and further emphasized: "We cannot return to the national isolation and the regional development plan is the solution between the national development and the waves of globalization. Hence different countries are seeking for strengthening the regional cooperation and the relations between Iran and Armenia shall follow this economic logic."
He pointed out: "The two countries can cooperate with each other in the field of industry and special projects are defined in the field of mineral industry and machine work."
Dr. Nahavandian also noted the possibility of a joint venture between the two countries, "Desirable studies have been done in the field of livestock breeding, which can lead to the joint venture as well."
He also evaluated the fields of transportation, banks and insurance as appropriate areas for the cooperation between the two countries.
He emphasized: "Iran Chamber as a representative of private sector considers its duty to pursue the policy of attendance development in global markets."
Dr. Nahavandian evaluated the case of flight as one of absolute necessities for the travel of businessmen and common collaborations.
"Nerses Yeritsyan", the Armenian Economic Minister said in this meeting: "Armenia is a free country in the terms of capital, goods and the companies' registration. Any products which are produced in Armenia can be exported and its money can be transferred accordingly".
He added: "Armenia is a member of WTO and has low tariffs and interests and has established desirable relations with the neighboring countries."
Yeritsyan outlined the information technology, the infrastructure industries and the transit of goods as important issues.
He added, "Armenian Development Agency provides the facilities for the foreign investors and the Iranian investors can use these facilities as well."
"Lieon Aharonian", the Chairman of Iran-Armenia joint chamber, said: "if we intend to expand activities, now is the best time to develop our ties."
He talked about the reception of the Minister of Commerce and the Iranian parties in this trip and further added: "There isn't any station for trading in south Caucasus and it is necessary to have commercial center be established in this area."
The chairman of Iran-Armenia joint chamber also said, "A delegation headed Dr. Nahavandian traveled to Armenia in early October and a letter of understanding was signed in this meeting dealing with the joint activities between the two countries."
He pointed out the members of the Armenian trading delegation consisting of tradesmen, investors and exporters of the said Country and further added "The two countries may accomplish joint projects in agricultural fields and establish mutual ties for the erection of trading centers. Moreover, the establishment of joint transport companies may decrease transit and transportation fees as well:.
He said: "One of the  most important projects is to establish an Iranian trade center in on
e of the Armenian states. Furthermore, we provide Iran with the land to establish a market for offering Iranian and Armenian goods".
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