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Rules and regualations for opening foreign exchange accounts
Special maner of doing opening foreign exchange accounts .

According to the report received from public relation department of organization for investment. In accordance with publicatory report in part 3 of total; foreign regualation that supervising the said accounts by real and legal persons in this regards we bring your inviduals as follows:
1- the rate of above accounts should be opened in special manner that to be intersting enough to attract foreign resourses from concerning market be in collected of inside market. This would encorage indiduals to save money as a deposit accounts into related banks.
2- If foreiner, is going to open a cash accounts or to settle some of money in existing accounts witch already while ago- opened. If some mone was withdraw from above account so the banks are responsibl related funds must be collected with same foreign exchange that has been recovery.
3- In this connection, it is emphsis. This is important that to receive any under taking ralated to foreign exchange accounts or equal in Rial in same day with rating day in this regards would be laeking necessary discualified.
4- It is necessary foreign branch plan and other related information is used for determining past, present and future payment obligations to be prodused to other departments and commercial banks and includes the followinf list(attached to this letter).

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