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2nd China Investment Conference held in foreign countries in the presence of Iran
2nd Conference on Foreign Investment in China on Tuesday attended by representatives from different countries including Iran opened in Beijing

In accordance with report from organization for investment, quoted from Iran news agency that Mr.Alishiri vice minister of economic affairs and finance and the head of organization for investment, Mr. Rahimi general director for planning and supervising in presidency department, Mr Mehdi Safari Iranian ambassador in China plus many active business man in governmental parts as well as private in our country would participate in that exhibition meeting.
The  head of investment organization planning to trip to china and stay there for two days seminar. Mr vice minister in his speech will explain opportunity for investing in several different and representatives of other countries in that seminar.
Also at the same time, the exhibitions about introducing the capacity of investing from Chin resources  in other countries will be open and explained furthermore of Chinese products other participants in different parts of economics. In the frame of graphics and picture were shown most subject that discuss are related to investing money in energy side, mineral resources, industries and other related with advance technology, infrastructure, ports, hotel-sand other tourist land.
China among others is very well for inviting opportunity and this country has third largest economics in the world.
In according with world bank reports, Chinese economy is good and not shaky and progressing general Chines economy is desired.
The  owner of investing project in this exhibition will expert of prepared by organization for investment in Iran. This exchange of view point will be done in the front of legal advisors. The other parties will be from many different countries. These speaking out will be held in seminar and their viewpoint will exchanged in panels and in this regards projects will be introduced to chimes experts.
It is recall that tomorrow (Wednesday) investment opportunity for investment in Iran. The subject will be talk in respect with economic parts in china.

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