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Iran proposed: joint investment between Iran and China formed
B. alishiri Deputy Minister of Economy proposed: Joint Investment Company of Iran and China aimed at accelerating the participation of Chinese companies investing in Iran's plans to be formed

In accordance with public relation of organization for investment quoted from IRNA  news agency that Mr. Alishiri who traveled to China in order t participating in meeting to introduced investment opportunity in Iran. He said in news meeting and lectured after he explained in meeting about Iranian economics with high capacity and headed that ready in a position to capital investment by China in Iran also would be glad to present in investing in good projects in China.
Mr. Alishiri also informed participants about tremendous economic growth specially in attractive foreign investor. Recently Iranian economy has been improved. In accordance with statistics in 2009 shows that among 10 countries investments were very high even higher growth in attracting foreign  investment. Iran was sixth out of ten countries. Mehdi Safari Iranian ambassador china also presented in news meeting that were in that meeting, economics advantage and benefit (many reports would make even the course and rout cooperation between Iran with other countries. He said that China is very important for Iran. To this end our relationship (Iran-china) is very good and cooperative between them is excellent these two countries in Asia. This is good also for other countries. This Iranian senior diplomat said that relation between Iran and china is smooth and permanent in this connection nothing can injury this relation. In this regards their relation is progressing for privisation of companies in Iran and china together would benefit for two partners.
He answered about sciences in Iran in which become much progressed. Iran technology and internet is in 14 positions in the world. Iran and china can cooperate in this area. He answered a question related to science and internet based on progressive in technology information and were done; Iran also in coop position.
Mr. askar oladi who is the head of commercial relation between Iran and china. He pointed out the exchange commercial products iran and china had up 150 million dollars. He said Iran and china should take new steps for joint investment.
He mentions that joint investment would make friendship better between two countries. This situation would prevent any political differences.
Mr. askaroladi said that china would take attention that its relation with Iran not to be in danger. China would not permit relations between two countries be in good situation, not like Arabic countries followed political position.
He said security and calm environment for investors, guaranty capital and its benefit energy and specialist workers are very important for capital investment. He said we are not just interested obtain benefit from their investment. People with high positions invited news reporters to travel to Iran and see Iranian progress closely in all respect.

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