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The Meeting of the ICCIM Board Member with the head of Foreign Affairs Committee of Congo parliament
The strategies of the expansion of cooperation between two countries were considered and the proposal of the establishment of Iran-Congo joint chamber was introduced in the meeting ICCIM board member with the head of foreign affairs committee of Congo parliament.
According to the report of ICCIM Public Relations, "Ibrahim Jamili", ICCIM board member expressed, "the look of Iran to Africa is a look friendly and the cooperation with African countries is the benefit of the two sides."
He added, "There are many different opportunities in Iran and unfortunately they have remained unknown until now.
We can have engineering and technical cooperation in mineral sector which Congo has good potentials in it and we can also plan the joint activities in the field of copper, oil and cobalt.
Jamili noted, "Iran can provide the machinery required by Congo, and also we have good potentials in the fields of drug and food, But unfortunately the businessmen of two countries don't know each other and the trade relations is at low level. And the co operations and the basic agreements are signed less among the governments and also the exhibitions, which two countries can participate in it, are very low.
ICCIM board member asserted, "Iran Chamber is ready to accept a trade-Industrial delegation from Congo and also we need to dispatch a marketing delegation to Congo. Iran Cooperation is performed on two sectors, governmental policies and commercial co operations. In governmental policies, the government interest to establish a joint committee which must be followed by the governments. He added, "The commercial cooperation is supported by the government and the options has been to Iran Chamber."
Jamili emphasized, "Trade is two-way road and the benefit of two sides must be provided in it. If an Iranian trader wants to invest in an African country, the new interesting must be created for him and also the background knowledge is provided merchants with each other."
He expressed that there isn't any official statistics about the volumes of the exchanges of two countries, adding, "We can have some planning that next year, an acceptable statistics would be published about it and Iranian private sector is ready to do it."
He stated, "Iran Chamber is ready to create database about the co operations of two sides. Two countries must participate in the exhibitions each other and also we must increase the trade joint seminars.
ICCIM board member emphasized, "We welcome the proposal of the establishing joint chamber of commerce and these meetings must be continued, Iranian companies are strong in the technical services."
 The existence of the largest copper reservoirs of the world in Congo
Jean Glaude Mokeni Ataningamu, the head of the foreign affairs committee of Congo parliament said, "We've seen the development of Iran in the field of economic. The attendance of this delegation in Iran is for the expansion of ties between two countries."
He continued, "Iran is a good friend for Congo and during the past years we didn't attention to the western advertisements against Iran and the purpose of this official meeting is to create a friendship.
Ataningamu expressed, "the central bank of Congo could be overcome to the inflation rate and Congo has very strong potentials for the attracting investment. We have considered collecting the clear and simple rules which protect the investors' resources. Meanwhile we can establish a joint chamber of commerce for reaching our aims."
"Lieonard Qkitundu", Member of Parliament Congo stated, "this meeting is very important and it is the beginning point of work.
If the joint chamber is established, it will be useful for many companies of Iran and Congo and they can take their needed information from it."

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