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The Meeting of Myanmar Ambassador with the ICCIM Vice-President International Affairs
In the meeting of Myanmar Ambassador with ICCIM Vice-President of International Affairs was emphasized on the expansion of trade deals between two countries in the field of the exporting technical and engineering services.
According to the report of ICCIM Public Relations; "Mehdi Fakheri" emphasizing the expansion of trade relations between Iran and Myanmar in this meeting, asked for the increasing cooperation of two countries in the field of industry and services.
ICCIM Vice-President of international affairs pointing to the holding of Halal exhibition on January and the renewable energies exhibition on February and asked for the attendance of Myanmar companies in these two exhibitions and use of Iran competencies.
He pointing to the willingness of Iran government to the expansion of trade with Myanmar, was evaluated the volume of exchanges.
Fakheri introducing the activities of ICCIM, added, "The exporting of non-oil goods is important for Iran and can be prepared the fields of cooperation through the dispatching of delegation and B to B meetings."
He pointing to Iranian competencies in the field of housing construction, technical and engineering services, asked for the cooperation between Iranian and Myanmar companies in these areas.
ICCIM Vice-President of international affairs expressed hope that the volume of Iran and Myanmar exchanges reaches to one billion dollars.
"U-Kai-Pheim", Myanmar ambassador also pointing to the competencies of Myanmar in the exporting of agricultural products, asserted, "Myanmar has many opportunities for the exporting of agricultural products such as pepper."
He expressed hope to expand the trade ties of two countries.
He asked for the dispatching of Iranian trade delegation to Myanmar and stated, "Myanmar interest to cooperate with Iran in the fields of cement, bitumen, fertilizer and oil and gas extraction."
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