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Iran,5+1 continue consultations; Iran Foreign spokesman
Consultations and contacts between Iran and the 5+1 countries are continuing and I think we have reached an agreement on the date of negotiations, Iran Foreign Ministry's spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast said Tuesday

"You will be informed as soon as there is an agreement on the rest of details," he told reporters in his weekly meeting.
Answering a question about the two German nationals arrested in Tabriz, Mehmanparast said: "The Judiciary is studying their case and as soon as the result is clear, we can inform you of their situation precisely."
Answering another question, Foreign Ministry spokesman said the country has summoned Chinese ambassador to protest against distortion of the name of Persian Gulf in Guangzhou Asian Games opening ceremony.
"Iran has summoned Chinese ambassador and gave required warnings following an undesirable incident which came in Guangzhou Asian Games opening ceremony," Mehmanparast told reporters.
"These issues cannot be justified at all and we are astonished how countries such as China which are permanent members of the UN Security Council and claim that they have created the structure (UN Security Council) for establishment of peace and security can ignore an issue (name of Persian Gulf) which is historically documented."
"Explanations provided on the issue are no more acceptable for us," Mehmanparast said.
"We will never back down from issues related to our territorial integrity and national sovereignty," Mehmanparast added.
Ramin Mehmanparast warned against installation of missile defense shield in the region.
he said the ongoing measure being taken by NATO is the same failed plan carried out by the US aimed at installation of missile defense shield in the region.
He reiterated that all regional and Muslim countries are concerned over installation of the missile shield in the region, adding that the Zionist regime is a threat to the entire region.
Installation of the missile defense shield is in line with interests of the Zionist regime and several other extraterritorial powers, he said, underlining the need for vigilance of regional countries and resolve of the existing concerns in the region.

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