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Alishiri: Consulting firms should facilitate foreign capital attraction.
The first workshop on introducing financing methods, related laws and regulations and marketing the projects, with the participation of 70 people from technical and financial consulting firms was held at the venue of Organization for Investment, Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran.
As reported by the Department of Public Relations, Organization for Investment, Economic and technical Assistance of Iran,  This one-day workshop was held to enhance knowledge of trusted consulting firms of the Organization for Investment, Economic and technical Assistance of Iran, of project financing methods, making  financial structure models as well as project marketing  aiming at smoothing attraction of foreign investors.
Behrouz Alishiri, Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance, who was talking to our correspondence on the side line of this workshop, referred to the important role of consulting firms in attracting foreign investment and said:  the role of consulting firms is a midwifery role  and they should facilitate the foreign investment attraction process.
Alishiri continued by pointing out the role of these firms in making models and drawing up financial structures for large projects and highlighted: the best model making methods can ease and facilitate the conditions of financing big projects and the countries that attracted the most foreign investment, did their midwifery role the best way.
As the deputy of Minister of Economy  said, the role of consulting firms in conveying concepts, national and international indices and making financial models, to foreign investors is of great importance.
As reported by our correspondence, during this one-day forum, Saman Ghasemi, Director General for Foreign Investments Office explained different financing methods for the projects, including lending and non-lending methods as well as relevant laws and regulations.
He was followed by Mehdi Nosrati, an expert of the Foreign Investments Office, lectured about the concepts of drawing up financial structure for provision of finance for the projects and the Organization’s strategy for finding opportunities and marketing the projects.
It is worth noting that the workshop on introducing different methods for financing, organized by the Office for Foreign Investments and the Human Resources and Management Development Department, received welcome of the audience.
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