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The Head of Iran Chamber in the 7th meeting on Tourism Ministers of Islamic Conference Organization
The head of Iran Chamber's emphasize on the importance of the role of Halal among Islamic Countries
The head of ICCIM emphasized on the increasing of cooperation and the creation of chain services among Islamic countries in the 7th meeting of Tourism ministers of Islamic Conference Organization.
According to the report of ICCIM Public Relations, "Mohammad Nahavandian" pointing to the results of the health Tourism Conference of Islamic countries which was held on November in Mashhad stated, "tourism can be a turning point for what we are waiting for it".
The head of Iran Chamber noted, "For achieving the required strategy, we must have strategic thinking; Also Tourism is a competitive matter and in this regard, we must emphasize on our cultural Heritage."
He pointed, "In the health tourism conference of Islamic countries in Mashhad was pointed to the tourism among Islamic countries which can have one billion dollars capacity and the people of Islamic countries can be familiar with the culture and the social life of each other."
He also noted to approve of Halal global standard in COMCEC meeting in Turkey and said, "The concept of Halal can be used in Tourism too."
He added, "not only Halal Tourism is useful for us, but also it can be considered in many cases like: medicine, accordingly Halal is an important matter in the health tourism."
Nahavandian evaluated the creating of chain services and branding among Islamic countries and added, "It isn't right that everyone goes their way; we must have a coherent chain among Islamic countries in different fields like: house and transportation."
He considered the issue of visa as the most important role of the government in the tourism area and said, "If we provide the facilities for the issuing visa, we can cooperate with each other for absorbing the consumer base."
The head of Iran Chamber also stated, "We can organize general programs instead of the national program; this will cause the joint investments and measures."
He added, "We are need to the partners in the fields of tourism and the house holding appliances; Islamic countries need to cooperate with each other, we must know the potentials of each other and for this reason, we must have a common network."
He continued, "The governments have to take the policies which provide an appropriate atmosphere for the traders; the government's tasks are the policy and the supervision and in this regard the private sector ready to accept the responsibility."
Nahavandian stated, "We expect this meeting to provide the needed coordination for the establishing of the joint cooperation program among Islamic countries."
According to him, the chambers commerce of Islamic countries also has the programs for the increasing of the joint cooperation among Islamic countries."

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