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The Visiting of the Head of Iran Chamber with the President of Islamic Center for Development of Trade
"Dr. Mohammad Nahavandian" emphasized on the expansion of the trade in services among Islamic Countries.
In the visiting of the representatives of Islamic center for development of trade with the head of Iran Chamber was emphasized on the expansion of the relations of Islamic countries in the area of the trade in services.
According to the report of ICCIM Public Relations, "Mohammad Nahavandian" emphasizing on the importance of the formation of the Islamic joint market said, "the activities of Islamic center for the development of trade (ICDT) have expanded in recent years and it follows the aim of Islamic joint market with more careful planning."
The head of Iran Chamber pointing to the serious steps of Iran for the increasing of trade with Islamic countries offered, "ICDT publishes a report of 10-year CV and studies the speed of a triple 53 Islamic countries in the regard with the increased trade among Islamic countries after Tehran summit".
He added, "in order to increase the share of trade among Islamic countries, in addition we must strength the rate of our exchanges in the traditional area; we must initiate the new areas. For example, the health tourism is one of these new areas or there is good cooperation among Islamic countries in the fields of ICT."
"Dr. Nahavandian" pointed, "in the areas of the trade in services, the western companies are mostly contracts, for example, in the house building projects of an Islamic country, the project is done by an European company, but its engineers, workers and the raw materials are provided by the another Islamic country. And only those European companies are the management which has the highest portion of income.
He emphasizing on the cooperation of Islamic countries in the area of Banking asserted, "The money of Muslim countries is saved in the European banks and then it is loaned to another Muslim country; thus the European bank profits it."
The head of Iran Chamber further suggested, "ICDT designs a program for the expansion of trade in services among Islamic countries."
Nahavandian emphasizing on the necessity of the formation of the International joint companies emphasized on, "the role of ICDT for the encouraging of Islamic countries in this field."
He emphasized on the strengthen of the cooperation and the exchange of the information between ICDT and ICRIC and added, "the cooperation between ICRIC and ICDT is useful in Islamic countries and ICDT's Projects can be supported by ICRIC and he advised that the representatives of ICRIC and ICDT communicate with each other.
In this regard he added, "Our work must earn the honor for Islamic Omah".
Finally, he emphasized on the unity of Islamic Omah.

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