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Construction of 4000 Residential Units by Foreign Investor
136th session of Foreign Investment Board, with the attendance of members of Foreign Investment Board, headed by Behrouz Alishiri, Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance was held at the venue of the Organization for Investment, Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran.
As reported by the Department of Public Relations, Organization for Investment, Economic and technical Assistance of Iran, Sheragim Shams, Deputy Director General for the Office for Foreign Investments, giving the news of construction of 4000 residential units by a foreign investor as an approval of the session, added: in the session, seven issues related to foreign investment projects, including 2 new projects and 5 issues for examining the applications of foreign investors for the modification of foreign investment licenses and extension of foreign investment were approved.
Shams also pointed out: the newly approved foreign investment projects include investment by a foreign company in the construction of residential apartment buildings for Maskan-e- Mehr plan as well as a foreign investment for the construction and operating a hotel-apartment.
Based on the report, it is predicted that the afore-mentioned projects create jobs for 500 people and prepare residence for our fellow countrymen.
It should be noted that the session continued by approving a request made by a foreign investing company for the extension and amendment of its investment license.
Dec 7, 2010 11:31
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