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The Head of Tirana Chamber asked for the Presence of Iranian Investors in the Power Plant Sector of Albania
In the meeting of the head of Tirana Chamber with the head of Iran Chamber was emphasized on the development of commercial exchanges in the fields of plant construction, petrochemical and energy.
According to the report of ICCIM Public Relations, "Dr. Mohammad Nahavandian" pointed to his recent trip to Albania and said, "the areas of the cooperation of two countries are various and Iran and Albania have to common culture."
And we must use the existing opportunities for the increasing of the trade volume."
The head of Iran Chamber proposed to be held the economic day of Albania with the presence of an Albanian delegation in the place of Iran Chamber.
He added, "the exchange of trade delegations will make the development of the economic exchanges and Iran Chamber is ready to provide the fields of the dispatching a delegation to Albania."
"Dr. Nahavandian" asked for the finalizing of the formation of Iran-Albania Joint Chamber.
He emphasizing on the capabilities of Iranian companies in the field of the exporting of the engineering, technical services asked for the presence of these companies in the power plant projects of Albania.
"Nikolin Jaka", the president of Tirana Chamber also evaluated to be descried the Iranian facilities for economic cooperation in Albania and said, "Iran has good industrial facilities and the fields of direct investment in Albania must be introduced to Iranian investors."
He pointing to Albanian membership in the trade agreements with the Balkan Region restated, "Albania has the lowest tax rate in the whole of Europe which is about 10% and all of the biddings of this country are held electronically."
The president of Tirana Chamber outlined Albania needs such as: Iron, Petrochemical, Pistachio and Nuts, Carpet, Gas and the raw materials of Plastic.
Jaka added, "Albanian government defends foreign investment and the maximum of investing is 100 percent.
He announced the readiness of Albanian banks to cooperate with the foreign investors and stated, "A conference will be held by economic ministry and Tirana Chamber of Commerce on 12 May 2011 which will be introduced the strategic sectors of Albanian economic in this conference."
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