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Alishiri In the National Forum on Transit Towards Development: Technical Preparedness for Attracting International Financial Facilities for transportation projects is inescapable.
While describing geographical and geopolitical conditions of the country, he declared: Iran is the potential land of opportunities. Having access to energy, having access to emerging regional markets, long water and land borders, efficient man power and historic back ground of transit routes are among these indicators
Alishiri emphasized: but the gifted  capacity makes up only a half of the issue and  we should employ these substantive and potential opportunities to carry out our job which makes the other fifty percent.
He, who was chairing the panel for transit marketing and its mutual impact on foreign relations, offered two proposals for the expansion of the field of transit:
Firstly, Ministry of Commerce, with the cooperation of Ministry of Roads and Transportation, should plan in a way that in the course of next year we can improve 50 steps, at least , our ranking in the Indicator; Trading Across Borders,  which is directly relevant to transit, exports and imports of the country.
He emphasized that all the tools and requirements for improving the ranking is already prepared and merely the high-ranking managers need to get seriously  involved. Enhancement of this indicator gives a positive signal to  private sector investors, , importers and exporters either foreign or domestic.
Alishiri’s second proposal was on the necessity to find opportunities in the field of road and transportation in the country up to 100 billion dollars. He requested that the authorities at the ministry of Road and Transportation, enjoying senior domestic and international counselors,  prepare at least 100 big rail, road, port and airport projects, valuing around 100 billion dollars, and through appropriate financial models, offer them to private sector investors, eitherdomestic or international.
Alishiri announced that the major weakness of administrative bodies of the country, i.e. they merely rely on government budget, loan or finance, needs to be removed.
He pointed out that the we should move in a direction to be able to, at least equal to the equity contribution and capital originating from public resources of the country, enjoy investment and equity contribution of domestic and foreign investors. Allocation of public resources of the country to these categories of projects should be made in the form of financial model making in a way that they make a platform for raising foreign direct investment.  
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