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Signing of Agreements with 60 Countries Across the World to Protect and Promote Foreign Investment
Kish Island- The president of the Organization for Investment, Economic and technical Assistance of Iran giving the new of signing agreements with 60 countries of the world for promoting and protecting foreign investment, said: a key measure taken in the country is opening Investment Service Centers in the provinces.
, Behrouz Alshiri, talking On Tuesday in the international forum on introducing investment opportunities in Iran, referred to the characteristics of investment opportunities in Iran and said:  Iran’s economy enjoys  a  matchless capacity to create coalition of capital among foreign investors and domestic ones.
The president of Organization for Investment, Economic and technical Assistance of Iran, regarded demand elasticity as a determining factor in the country’s economy and added: the rate of return and profitability of capital in Iran vis-à-vis other countries is incomparable.
He considered developmental and infrastructural capacity, skilled labor force and having access to energy among investment advantages in Iran and said: the law on foreign investment and its respective bylaws are among the most advanced and transparent laws in the world.
As Alishiri said, any type of investment, including contribution to equity, contractual agreements and so on,  receive the coverage of this Law and the foreign investors have the same rights as the domestic investors do. He added, foreign investors do not face any restriction in equity contribution and so on, in a way that they can own 100% of the firms.
Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance stressing that according to the Law, transfer of the principle, profit and gains resulting from foreign investment is guaranteed, added: the government is required to guarantee the right of repatriation of the principle, profit and gains resulting from foreign investment. He added: Foreign investors are covered and guaranteed by the government against political risks and government shall not apply its sovereign rights against their gains to nationalize or confiscate them.
It should be mentioned that more than 200 foreign investors are attending in the Iran’s International Investment Opportunities Forum and exhibit which will continue until  December 23rd. The Iran’s International Investment Opportunities Forum is being held in 6 specialized panels: industry and mine, tourism, oil, gas and petro chemistry, water and agriculture, free and special economic zones, and urban development and infrastructure with the attendance of project owners and foreign investors, and issues are discussed.
The Forum of Iran’s Investment Opportunities is being held in Kish Island with the cooperation of Kish Expo Company and the Organization for Investment, Economic and technical Assistance of Iran
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