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Iran Boosts Energy Ties with Tajikistan & Afghanistan
Iran, Tajikistan and Afghanistan energy ministers met today in Tehran to expand bilateral cooperation.
Iranian Minister of Energy, Majid Namjoo met with his Afghan and Tajik counterparts today in Tehran to discuss bilateral ties and expand cooperation among the three nations.
During the meeting, Namjoo stressed on the expansion of ties among the Persian speaking Muslim neighbors and said: "with respect to the situation in the region, we require regional cooperation and ties among neighbouring countries now more than ever."
"The shared history, culture, religion and language among our nations urges for convergence", he added.
Namjoo pointed out that Iran possesses more than 59,000 Megawatts of installed electricity power in its various plants and provides electricity to more than 24 million units locally. While over 27,600 Megawatts of new production capacity is being established in Iran by construction of new plants mostly by the private sector, according to the Iranian Minister.
Iran has a special view on expanding its electricity production through renewable sources and invests vastly in this field, Namjoo added.
At the moment Iran's electricity grids are connected to almost all its neighbors and the possibility of connecting to Tajikistan and some Persian Guld states are being studied by respective technicians, he said.
Iran is currently exporting technical and engineering services to many countries and is willing to expand its activity in the field, Namjoo concluded.
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