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Reflection of Iran’s Investment Opportunities Forum in Chinese Media
The Forum on Iran Investment Opportunities, held in China on November 3, this year, was widely reflected in that country’s media. As reported by the Department of Public Relations, Organization for Investment, Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran, quoting from Radio China, the seminar on introducing Iran Investment opportunities which was the initiative of the Organization for Investment, Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran and Chamber of Commerce and Industries of Iran and China held in Beijing on Wednesday November 3.

More than 200 high-ranking Iranian authorities, including: Behrouz Alishiri, deputy Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance, Mehdi Safari, Iran’s ambassador to China, Asadollad Asgaroladi, president of Iran-China Chamber of Commerce and Industries, high-ranking official of ministry of petroleum and the  Iran National Petrochemical Company as well as representatives from Chinese firms in the fields of industry, mining and Islamic food attended the seminar, discussing and exchanging ideas about mutual cooperation in the fields of industry, mining, construction of infrastructures, tourism and so on.
Mehdi Safari who was talking in the opening session of the forum said: we hope this seminar provide a desirable opportunity for the Iranian and Chinese firms to enhance and develop mutual understanding. Iran’s market is booming and flourishing quickly and we welcome investment by Chinese firms in different sectors in our country in order that we be influential in strengthening economic and trade relations between the two countries.
It is said that, notwithstanding a 40 percent decrease of investment in the world in  the course of last year, Iran experienced a 90 percent increase in attracting foreign investment and 3 billion dollars foreign investment entered the market of this country. Last year, Iran stood among the 6 top countries regarding attraction of foreign investment, while in the field of foreign investment in gas sector, ranks as the second, in the fields of tourism, basic industries (industry and mine) and hydrocarbon industries, stands the third and fourth in the world.
Asadollad Asgaroladi, president of Iran-China Chamber of Commerce and Industries, talking the same day, while welcoming the investment of Chinese and other foreign countries’ firms in Iran in various sectors, stated:
In Iran we have three gifts for you, the investors: full security, and peace in life, guarantee for principle and interest of the capital, when repatriated, inexpensive energy, labor force and optimal consuming market.
The president of Organization for Investment, Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran, talking in the seminar on introducing Iran’s investment opportunities, said:  there have been only three countries, i.e.,  Iran, Qatar and Cyprus, that experienced a constant growth of foreign investment attraction, in the course of last three years. Behrouz Alishiri continued by referring to advantages on investing in Iran and said:
We endeavored to prepare appropriate general frameworks, especially  for  foreign investors. I believe, Iran’s foreign investment law, is among the easiest and most advanced laws in the international level. Our Investment Law covers all customary methods of direct investment, either investment with equal profit or any other form of investment with variable profits and there is no limitation in the existing projects or new projects. Every model which you, the investors here, agree upon can be accepted through the framework of our foreign investment law. As I said, based on Article 9 of the law, all non-commercial risks are covered and guaranteed by the government.
Dr Alishiri continued: According to Iran’s Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Act, the investors can reside with their families in Iran for three years and enjoy tax exemption for ten years, especially for agriculture sector.
During the seminar plenty of Chinese firms, involved in various industrial, mining, tourism and Islamic food fields,  expressed optimism for the promising invitations made by the government of Iran for making investment there and also for the characteristics and superiorities of Iran’s market. Ms. Christina  Doo , managing director for China Oriental Rise trade company, in her interview with the correspondent of Persian channel of CRR said:
Holding of this seminar created an appropriate opportunity for the Chinese firms to get more familiar with the existing markets of Iran. Our firm is among the first Chinese firms which started mining trade with Iran and in the course of recent years we found out that Iran’s market is more free, having fewer restraints. The market of Iran is a vast market and I feel confidence in enhancing trade with this country in future.

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