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Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance, talking in the Investment Opportunities Forum in Kish island broke the news: Kish petroleum stock exchange starts running in near future.
As reported by the Department of Public Relations, organization for Investment, Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran, quoting from the government information dissemination website, Seyed Shamseddin Hosseini, in the international forum for introducing investment opportunities of Iran, held in the Kish island International Forums Center, stipulated: investments made by the private sector in various places of Kish island has profoundly transformed it, comparing ten years ago.
Minister of Economy, giving the news of upcoming start of petroleum stock exchange in Kish Island, said: this stock exchange will start with transacting Fuel Oil and then other oil products are added to it.
He referred to the increase of entrance of travelers and tourists to Kish Island and said: this growth shows the huge efforts of private sector tradesmen and merchants in the Island.
Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance also said: the Iranian national income, based on power purchase parity indicator reached 876 billion dollars in 2009 and the human development indicator, based on the report released by the United nations achieved ranking 6th  in the world with regard to growth . 
Hosseini pointed out: we see economic recession in some countries in the Persian Gulf region, but the activities of construction machineries and cranes for carrying out and constructing the projects and developmental activities are signs of dynamism and activity in this coral Island.
Saying that there are countless projects and schemes in Kish Island under construction, he added: the government supports investment in this beautiful Island.
In another section of the forum, the president of the Organization for Investment, Economic and technical assistance of Iran gave the news of agreements signed with 60 countries across the world for the promotion and protection of foreign investment and said: a fundamental measure taken in the country has been establishment of Investment Services center in the provinces.
Behrouz Alishiri referred to the distinguishing figures of investment opportunities in Iran and stated: Iran’s economy enjoys distinctive capacity for forming coalition between domestic and foreign investors.
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