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ِDeputy Director General for the Office of Supervision over the Loans stressed: Abadan Combined cycle Power plant is among the most successful Loan-based Projects.
Koorosh Taherfar, deputy director general for the Office of Supervision over the Loans and Foreign Facilities, on the side line of his visit to Abadan combined cycle power plant, said: in line with carrying out of the country’s power industry policies and in order to take the optimal use of the resources, especially the fuel consumed by the power plants and for increasing the production output, the project of constructing 22 steam units of combined cycle power plants, whose gas units have already been implemented, was included in the program for the development of power sector of the country.

As reported by the Department of Public Relations, Organization for Investment, Economic and technical Assistance of Iran, Taherfar continued by saying: the contract has been concluded with MAPNA, in the form of return key, and Abadan combined cycle power plant is on of the power plants of the project.
Based on our correspondence, he stipulated: The overall progress of this project  is 40 percent while progress related to loan facilities given by IDB exceeds 60 percent.
Taherfar pointed out that Abadan combined cycle project is among the most successful loan-based projects, an issue which is also stressed and agreed by the representatives and experts of IDB.
He concluded by expressing hope that, with regard to measures taken, it complete ahead of the schedule, that is 2011.
Based on the report, it is predicted that implementation of this project, will bring  about an increase in the capacity of power generation, prepare the ground for job creation in the region,  employ and utilize the maximum engineering capabilities of the country and improve technical know- how in the construction of combined cycle power plants.
It should be noted that the Office for Supervision over the Loans is among the bureaus of the Organization for Investment, economic and Technical Assistance of Iran, and is in charge of supervision, examination and studying the foreign loan or credit contracts and agreements, which are received for the developmental projects, either profit or non profit, in order to assure the employment of the best implementation methods. Managing repayment of thereceived facilities also falls in the competence of this office.

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