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MEED Magazine: 2011 will be Iran’s Economic Year.
As reported by the Department of Public Relations, Organization for Investment, Economic and technical Assistance of Iran, quoting from MEED Magazine; in 2011 the economic capacities of Iran’s economy in different sectors will be revealed to the countries across the world.

Based on this report, the Publication Firm; ”The Business Year” with the participation of the Organization for Investment, Economic and technical Assistance of Iran, will publish a report on the economy of Iran, named “Iran Business Year 2011” for the first time in the world, in English language.
In addition, as the news website “ameinfo” reported, the one thousand year civilization of Iran and the rich culture of this country has prepared Iran for the challenges of the 21st century and Iran is stepping forward, with confident and decisiveness, toward economic development of the country.
As the report says, Iran aims to facilitating entrance of foreign investors, foreign banks and foreign insurance companies, through amending the laws and regulations.
The report points out: By disseminating information, to foreign investors, about the opportunities, capacities, economic environment of the country as well as the advantages and regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran and also through drawing  the future outlook, It is expected that the volume of foreign direct investment and economic transactions enhance and Iran play its main role in the international economy.
In the “Iran Business Year 2011”, some interviews have been carried out with the policy makers and government and private sector managers including: the President, Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance, The Governor of Central Bank, the President of Organization for Investment, Economic and technical Assistance of Iran, the Heads of Chambers of Commerce, private firms and foreign investors in different economic fields.
It should be noted that the “Iran Business Year 2011” is the first and most inclusive report on Iran’s economy, to be circulated in 87.400 copies in 120 countries across the world, for introducing various sectors of Iran’s economy, macro economy, Energy, agriculture, tourism, banking, foreign investment, privatization, to name a few, to the politicians and monetary and banking authorities, investment companies and economic firms.
At the end of the report it is read: Geographical distribution of the report shall be 31 percent in Europe, 26 percent in North America, 21 percent in Middle East and Persian Gulf countries,, 12 percent in Asia, 6 percent in Africa and the rest goes to other regions.

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