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The Lease OF Drilling Jars and Accelerators


TENDER SUBJECT: The Lease OF Drilling Jars and Accelerators

National Iranian Drilling Company (NIDC), intends to Lease 105 Sets of the Drilling Jars & Accelerators in connection with the performance of the Drilling Services in Iranian Oil & Gas fields and award the proposed contract to a well known and qualified contractor through a competitive & public tender. On this occasion and for the purpose of receiving the electronic Tender Documents files, the interested local and foreign companies (legal entity), up to January 22, 2011, may obtain set of Bidding Documents, which is containing the proposed contract terms and conditions by sending their formal application along with its company's name, activities and Email to the NIDC's Contracts Department – Ahwaz- Iran, Fax:0098 611 4443795 or
It is worthy to add that:

1- Tenderers should be able to provide Tender Guarantee (Euro 6465 for foreign Tenderers and Iranian Rails 90 ر 500ر 000 .for Iranian Tenderers) & Good Performance Guarantee (for winner contractor) according to the NIDC's requirements as mentioned in the Tender Documents.
2- The anticipated contract duration will be (26)months
3- Tenderers shall be required to provide written attestation proving that its company has specific policy statement at senior and operational levels, proportionate to the subject Contract, reflecting management commitment to Health, Safety and Environment protection.
4- Tenders should be submitted in three separate sealed Envelopes marked "A" , " B " and "C" , Envelope " A " should contain Tender Guarantee, Envelope "B" should contain commercial proposal of Tenderer and envelope "C" containing Technical proposal of Tenderer . It is worthy to add that opening and consideration of the Tenderer's commercial proposal will be subject to NIDC approval for Tenderer's technical proposal.
5- The Tender closing date shall be February 23.2011.
6- National Iranian Drilling Company shall reserve the right to accept or reject any or all of the tender(s) received, in whole or in part at its sole discretion and without any explanation.

Contracts Department

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