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Japanese Ambassador: Japan Invests in Bilateral Cooperation with Iran
The cooperation in economic affairs and the development of economic relations with the private sectors of two countries were discussed in the meeting of the head of Iran Chamber with Japanese ambassador.
According to the report of ICCIM Public Relations, "Dr. Mohammad Nahavandian", the head of Iran Chamber stated, "Iran and Japan have had good relations and they have done many cooperation with each other; now the generation of Iran changes and the number of educated people has increased; in comparison with the past, Iran has more educated people and for this reason, Iran is with the growing competition in all cases."
He also considered Iran's geography in economic exchanges as an important issue.
Dr. Nahavandian knew Iran's position as a top one in the world today, and he mentioned its main reason is the competing not the sale of oil.
The head of Iran Chamber addressed, "after 2 difficult decades, the economic of Iran is in the right direction and the economic is in common concept in the 5 years plan and this is the most important decision of strategic; we must not lose the opportunities and the economic must be given to the semi-government and private sectors."
Nahavandian expressed, "we witness the contracts and the bilateral relations between Iran and the countries like: Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan which this is the reflection of Iran's potentials."
He asserted, "from 10 years go to now, the international policies of Iran's economic have changed from Western Countries to the Eastern ones which we can see in all issues; in this condition, why not be able to have a correct relationship with Japan and why should be equal the trading volume with Japan which is an Asian country with the west?!"
Nahavandian continued, "The main changes must occur in our minds; we should communicate with Japanese on any level of government, semi government and private and it is better for Japanese to develop investment in Iran, because the investment in Iran is more useful than the investment in Japan."
The head of Iran Chamber emphasized, "Iran and Japan can cooperate in the fields of industry, non-industry, technology and other areas, but we don't see the Japanese presence! Our recommendation is that the first priority of Japan will be the economics of Iran, because there are much potential in it."
He said, "in future, we will travel with accompany the few representatives of the parliament to Japan to be familiar with Japan's opportunities.
"Kinichi Komano", Japanese ambassador also expressed, "Iran has good potentials and it is strong; these two countries have good relations with each other and Japan interests in the bilateral relations with Iran."
He added, "We hope to develop our relations in all economic issues and to cooperate with private sector and in this regard Iran Chamber and embassy have more cooperation."

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