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Alishiri in the “Fishery Investment Opportunities Forum” Gave the News: Readiness of Foreign Investors to participate in Agriculture and Fishery Projects.
Behrouz Alishiri, Deputy Ministr of Economic Affairs and Finance, talking in the first Forum on Introducing Investment Opportunities in Fishery, held at the venue of the National Media International Center, announced the readiness of foreign investors to participate in fishery projects, saying: in the field of entrepreneurship, the private sector is expected to carry the leading flag, enjoying partnership models with the foreign investors for profit and risk allocation.

As reported by the Department of Public Relations, Organization for Investment, Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran, Alishiri highlighted: attraction of investment in agriculture and fishery sectors has some determinative characteristics. First, improving the livelihood and enhancing the level of living conditions of the mass and underdeveloped areas of the country, and second: the necessity of increasing the nutritional standards of the country and accessibility of healthy and well qualified food and food security for all .
Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance noted: Food security is among the main international issues and one of the Millennium Development Goals, but the price fluctuations at the international level have caused some problems for the developing countries, in the course of last few years, preventing them from meeting the Millennium Development Goals.
As Alishiri said, notwithstanding the abundant God-gifted resources and appropriate marine and port capacities which exist in Iran, there is still a gap between the production and existing capacities of the country.
He advised the owners of agriculture and aquaculture projects to design and prepare their projects with the assistance of internal and international financial and legal consultants, envisaging  all the aspects of the projects and then submit them to the Organization for Investment, Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran for attracting domestic or foreign private sector investors.
Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance highlighted that the project owners should refer to the website of the Organization for Investment, Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran at to introduce their projects to the foreign investors.
As reported by our correspondence, the domestic consumer market, possibility of export of goods and foreign exchange revenues, possibility of financial and technical support of investors, availability of the local labor force and quick return of the capital in the fishery industry, are among the advantages of investment in this sector.

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