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Iran to Provide Iraq with Extra 200 MW Electricity
Musab al Mudarres spokesman for the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity said that an additional 200 MW of electricity will be supplied by Iran through the new Karkha Amara line, AK News reported.
Mudarres said that given the increase in exports, Iran will totally deliver 750 MW of electricity to Iraq, according to the report.
Iraq has been suffering from a severe shortage of electricity with the national network unable to supply electricity to Iraqi homes for more than a few hours a day. The shortage of electricity has been central to many of the public protests that have swept through the Iraqi provinces over the past three weeks.
The Federal Electricity Ministry has assured that it will distribute the additional electricity provided by Iran among the provinces according to their population figures.
Mudarres said that the Ministry is seeking to raise the level of exchange with Iran in the field of electricity generation and said power importing from the neighboring country reflects its extensive experience in the provision of electrical power.
He said that the Iraqi ministry recently completed construction work on the electricity distribution line across the Iranian border.
The line Karkha Amara would be operational within the next few days, according to him.
Domestic demand for electricity in Iraq reaches around 14,000 MW during the summer months when temperatures often exceed 50 degrees Celsius. Iraq currently produces around 7000 MW of electricity and the majority of Iraqi homes remain without national power for an average of 17 hours a day.
The Iraqi government recently announced that it seeks to increase the national power supply to 27,000 MW over the next four years, requiring between USD 3 billion to USD 4 billion investment per annum.
The government attributes the acute shortage of electricity in Iraq to the 30 years of war siege and economic sanctions in the country, but angry Iraqi demonstrators complain that 8 years after the toppling of the former regime and after billions of dollars have reportedly been allocated to the national network there have been no improvements in domestic electricity supplies.
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