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Iran, Zimbabwe to Cooperate in Uranium Mining
Zimbabwe plans to cooperate with Iran on uranium mining, Foreign Minister Simbarashe Mumbengegwi was quoted by News Day as saying.
“Zimbabwe has rich uranium reserves, but is faced with a shortage of funds and does not possess the technical knowledge and equipment needed for extracting rich uranium ores,” Mumbengegwi said.
“If we can work with Iran on uranium mining, it will improve the economic situation of both countries,” he said.
Mumbengegwi also said Iran and Zimbabwe could cooperate in the energy sector, especially in the construction of oil refineries.
He said Zimbabwe was willing to buy fuel from Iran. Elsewhere in his remarks, the minister said now was the best time for Iranian companies to invest in Zimbabwe, adding that when a country’s economy was in a dire situation, this was the best time for making investment in that country because investors would receive many incentives.
On sanctions on Iran and Zimbabwe, he said imposing sanctions on the two countries was not accidental.
“The Western governments treat the governments that don’t accept their dominance in this way and impose sanctions on them,” he said.
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