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Seven New projects Amounting 189 Million Dollars Was Approved at the 140th Session of Foreign Investment Board
A hundred and fortieth session of Foreign Investment Board, with the attendance of the Foreign Investment Board and chaired by Behrouz Alishiri, Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance, held at the venue of the Organization for Investment, Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran.
As reported by the Department of public Relations, Organization for Investment, Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran, Alishiri, who was talking on the sideline of the Foreign Investment Board, said: Twelve issues related to foreign investment projects were approved in this session, including seven new foreign investment projects and five requests of foreign investors regarding increase of foreign investment, extension of the investment license, replacing foreign investor and repatriation of the dividends of foreign investor.
He also pointed out that based on the approvals of the session, the volume of investment amounts to 189 million dollars. So in accordance with law, the foreign investors should enter a portion of the capital into the country within a certain period, starting the date of notification of the investment license, as set by the Board and according to the conditions of the investment project.
Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance continued by saying that one of the foreign investors has ten-folded his capital through the profits he has made by investment in the Stock Exchange, added: the appealing aspects of Iran’s Stock Exchange is an indicative of the fact that stock market, in the course of the current year, has experienced one of its best periods and remains a major option for investment.
He also noted: the newly approved foreign investment projects consist of foreign investment in artificial stones and also investment of Iranian natural person, the capital originates from abroad, for the construction, organization and management of flowers and plants terminals in Mazandaran Province.
Alishiri added: investments made by Iranian persons, whose capitals have foreign origin, in four investment projects in the fields of production of tens of various food products are carried out through four different projects in the different provinces across the country after formation of the needed companies.
Based on what the Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance said, investments made by Iranian persons, with foreign-origin capital, are for manufacturing lathe, CNC, automatic turning equipments, machinery parts for special purposes and one horsepower plus electromotor, which are for the first time in the country.
Some other issues were also approved in the Foreign Investment Board meeting, such as extending foreign investment license, repatriation of dividends of foreign investors and replacement of foreign investor.
Based on the report, it is predicted that due to the measures taken by the Organization for Investment, Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran, as well as the international forums held to introduce the capacities of Iran’s economy, the first international report published on Iran’s economy  and disseminating information on potentials of macro scale economy of the country, a boost in the foreign investment is expected to happen.
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