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The Provision of Tubing Inspection Services

National Iranian Oil Company

TENDER No. OF/89/081

Iranian Offshore Oil Company (IOOC) intends to do quality evaluation for "The Provision of Tubing Inspection Services" based on information brought in attached Questionnaire.

Location: IOOC's fields in Persian Gulf

Performance Period : 3 years


A- Tenderers shall submit their Articles of Association and other related documents.

B-IOOC shall not consider proposals which are qualified (conditional), ambiguous, or received after expiration of Closing Date.

C- IOOC shall reserve the right of accepting or rejecting of any/all requests without presenting any reason.

D- The Closing Date for submission of the Questionnaire shall be on / or prior to 17 April, 2011 and shall be delivered to the Transaction Committee at Room # 18 on 9th floor at the following address:
Address: #3, Touraj Street, After Balal Mosque, Vali-e-Asr Ave., Modarres Crossroad, Tehran, Iran

The companies who have ability and are willing to participate in the prequalification are requested to collect the prequalification package (Questionnaires) from IOOC website as from 12 March, 2011 to 26 March, 2011.
IOOC after considering received prequalification packages (Questionnaires) and aforementioned documents as per its rules and regulations shall invite qualified bidders (acquiring 50 points or more) to attend the tender.

Iranian Offshore Oil Company

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