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Exploration and development of salt structures

Invitation to Tender

Tender No: 89/65/SH.G.Z/203))

NaturalGas Storage Company (NGSC) a wholly owned subsidiary of National Iranian GasCompany (NIGC) invites all national and international companies with specificand demonstrable expertise, know-how and experience in exploration anddevelopment of salt structures to take part in full exploration of the"Nasrabad" subsurface salt structure for gas storage objectives. Thisburied salt structure is located approximately at Km. 50 of the Qom-KashanHighway.

Therelevant Scope of Work will be presented to the qualified Tenderers uponthorough evaluation of interested participants. Explanatory meetings will beheld to clarify any discrepancies and/or any questions that may be raised by qualifiedTenderers.

NationalCompanies willing to participate in this project must join a qualifiedinternational company as their partner, the contribution of each shall be atleast 51% for the national company and 49% at most for the international.

Accordingto the laws and regulations of the I.R. of IRAN, international companies, inorder to be qualified for participation in this project shall join an Iraniancompany/firm.

A brief Scope of Work of the project is as follows:

1. Required geological studies

2. Performance of saltspecific gravimetry survey (Design, acquisition, process, interpretation)

3. Performance of saltspecific magnetotelluric survey (Design,acquisition, process, interpretation)

4. Performance of saltspecific 3D seismic (Design, acquisition, process, interpretation)

5. Drilling of oneexploration/appraisal well

6. Coring from the saltinterval

7. Performance of saltspecific geo-mechanical and chemical tests/analyses

8. Preparation of Scope of Work for phase -2 of the plan (fulldevelopment of the salt structure for gas storage purposes)

National companies are expected to fulfill thefollowing requirements:

1. Be fully familiar withupstream activities specially inexploration and drilling

2. Must be able to providedrilling rig /staff /materials and undertake full drilling operations

3. Must be familiar withnatural gas storage methods specially salt cavern storage

4. Must be familiar with saltdynamics, geo-mechanics, salt specificgeo-mechanical & chemical tests& analyses

5. Must hold valid relevantcertificate from the "President Deputy Strategic Planning andControl"/ valid relevant equivalent "oil ministry certificate"

International companies must have/secure the following technical qualifications:

1. Be fully capable ofperforming/monitoring on salt structure exploration activities

2. Be fully capable ofperforming /monitoring on saltspecific geo-mechanical & chemical tests & analyses

3. Have previous experiencesin salt dome/structure exploration, drilling ,coring, testing, salt solutionmining, cavern design, well design /completion for cavern storage, H.S.E considerations & each & every otherrelevant experiences & capabilitiesapplicable & specific to the tender notice


1. Planned length of time forperformance of the project is expected to be two years at most.

2. The pre-qualification formshall be completed by the contractor(s) and submitted at below address to thelegal & contract affairs of the "NGSC" within two weeks from thedate of the last public announcement

Add: No 376, 4th Fl., Opposite "OilMinistry", Taleghani Ave. Teh. Iran

NGSCPublic Relations
Apr 12, 2011 22:35
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