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Supply and Delivery of Mud materials and providing the mud Related Services at KISH ISLAND

National Iranian Drilling Company (NIDC)–Kish Island Base intend to charter for Supply and Delivery of Mud materials and providing the mud Related Services at KISH ISLAND. Those Firms ,having valid Commercial Code, who are interested to take part in this Tender, and are capable to provide such services, can obtain the relevant Tender Documents ,within one week, after the second publication of the Tender Notice in the valid and Official Iranian daily News papers, by paying the Sum of 200,000 Iranian Rails to Mellat Bank Kish Branch ,Account No.7440538028 in favor of NIDC and obtain the related Documents from NIDC Kish Office Contract and Legal Department, situated at Room No.108 , Ground Floor, Sanaie. AVE, Corner of Andisheh Blvd. Kish Island. The following points shall be considered:

- Contract duration anticipated to be about three years.

- The Operational base will be Kish Island to offshore drilling rigs in Persian Gulf , the southern shores and ports of Persian Gulf and Iranian Islands .

- Tenderers shall be able to provide and present the Tender Guarantee in the sum of 33700 Euros as well as Good Performance Guarantee Certificate (in case of winner) as specified in the Tender Forms.

- Presentation of HSE Certificates in respects of subject Services, to NIDC to consider the bid, is vital.

- NIDC is at discretion to accept or reject any or all Tenders.

- All costs to participate in this Tender shall be borne by the bidder.

- Interested Firms can follow the Invitation to Tender Documents and WWW.NIDC.IR

National Iranian Drilling Company, Kish-BranchLegal and Contract Department
Apr 12, 2011 22:41
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