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Iran to expand capacity of power plant in Iraq to 640 megawatts By Mohammed Tahir
Iran’s power development firm, Sanir, is negotiating with the Iraqi side to expand capacity of a plant it is constructing in Baghdad to 640 megawatts from 160.

Sanir, the power construction arm of Iran’s energy ministry, is the largest foreign contributor in Iraq’s rickety power infrastructure.

According to Iraqi Electricity Ministry’s spokesman Mussab al-Mudaris a delegation from Sanir is currently in Baghdad negotiating new deals.

Sanir, which was given an ultimatum to finish a plant it is building in the low-income township of Sadr City before July, is reported have almost finished the project.

Mudaris said the plant, which Sanir wants to expand, will go into operation “within a few days.”

The first unit producing 160 megawatts will start work within days. The second with a 155 megawatt capacity will be ready next month,” he said.

The plant has cost more than €155 million.

Mudaris praised Sanir for finishing the job before the deadline, saying the government would grant the company more power construction contracts.

He said the Electricity Ministry was negotiating with Sanir to install gas-driven turbines at Dibis, a major power plant in Iraq.
Last month, Iraq and Iran signed a new agreement under which Iranian firms were to construct 11 new power plants in the country.
Iranian firms are heavily engaged in contracts in Iraq. In 2010, Iran doubled its trade with Iraq to nearly $8 billion
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