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Kenyan Ambassador visits Alishiri
Ambassador of Kenya to Tehran visited Behrouz Alishiri, vice Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance and had talks with him.
As reported by the Department of public Relations, Organization for Investment, Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran, Rashid Ali, Kenyan ambassador to Tehran, referring to the economic relations between Iran and Kenya said: Iran enjoys lots of facilities and we are interested in the expansion of the economic relations of the two countries.
He added: Kenya, enjoying political and economic stability and good labor force is a safe destination for the investors.
Alishiri who expressed his satisfaction of the existing relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Kenya and the high level of political relations between the two sides, called for further expansion of   relations in all fields especially trade and economic sectors of the two countries. Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance, brought up the issue of signing of the agreements on “Protection and Promotion of Bilateral Investment” and “Customs Cooperation” in the development and expansion of  economic relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Kenya, emphasized on signing the “Avoidance of Double Taxation” treaty by the two countries, in line with preparing the ground for continuous presence of tradesmen, investors and business people of the two countries, and announced the readiness of Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance  to dispatch delegations for finalizing the Avoidance of Double Taxation Agreement as well as the other economic memorandums.
Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance also pronounced the readiness of the Islamic Republic of Iran for putting on exhibitions for introducing investment and trade opportunities of Iran in Nairobi or vice versa, with the attendance of trades people, merchants, investors and private sector business people in order to increase the volume of trade between the two countries.
At the end of the meeting, the ambassador of Kenya to Tehran, stressing on signing of the agreements, expressed hope that the agreement on avoidance of double taxation between the two countries become effective at the earliest.
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