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The Visiting of the Chinese Ambassador with the Head of Iran Chamber
In the visiting of the Chinese Ambassador with the Head of Iran Chamber, was discussed the strategies for solving the problems of the financial transactions between two countries.

According to the report of ICCIM Public Relations, Dr. Mohammad Nahavandian, the head of Iran Chamber announced the good trade relations between Iran and China. He pointed to the some problems in the field of International trading and said: "we must be able to solve these problems."

The head of Iran Chamber pointing to the matter of investing said: "in addition to the trade relations, China must be active in the fields of the investing."

He called Iran country as a strong one in the region and continued: "our country has good potentials which more countries are aware this issue and in spite of sanctions, they have their relations with Iran."

Nahavandian added: "now there are trade transactions between two countries, but we can emphasize on the relations among the people of two countries and consider the facilities for them."

He emphasized on the important role of the tourism industry in the developing of the relations of two sides and he added we must persuade our people to the tourism in the each other country, because it creates the new ideas and opportunities for the trade relations."

Uhong Yang, the Chinese Ambassador expressed: "Iran and China have not any political problems with each other and they have the good trade relations so the Chinese embassy tries to eliminate the existing problems and to provide the possible services."

He added: "there is an organization in China which is called CCIPT, it is like the Chamber and it is a semi-governmental organization and it works under the commercial ministry and its mission is to develop the trade relations in other countries."

The Chinese Ambassador stated: "the Chinese Embassy welcomes the proposals of the head of Iran Chamber for the solving the problems of traders and the developing of the trade relations and they will be said to the Chinese government and the Chamber."

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