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N. Chief Underlines Iran's Full Compliance with N. Treaties
Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Fereidoun Abbasi rejected the recent resolution issued by the International Atomic Energy Agency against Tehran, and stressed that Iran has never violated nuclear treaties
Addressing a number of Iranian parliamentarians, the AEOI chief pointed to the US failure in winning a consensus vote at the recent IAEA Board of Governor's meeting against Iran, and stated, "Americans did not reach their goals. We have not and do not have any diversion from nuclear treaties."
He condemned the resolution approved by the IAEA board against Iran's nuclear program.
After long debates, the IAEA Board ratified a draft resolution against Iran on Friday, but the US failed to win a consensus vote against Iran even after softening the tone of the draft four times.
The weak resolution did not include any concrete punitive steps, reflecting Russian and Chinese opposition for such measures, and only called on Iran to engage more deeply in talks with the IAEA to resolve alleged concerns about its nuclear program.
The resolution was adopted by the board on the basis of a recent report on Iran's nuclear activities by the IAEA Chief, Yukiya Amano. Iran threatened to take legal action against the Vienna-based UN agency for issuing a false report on Tehran's nuclear program.
Iranian Ambassador to the IAEA Ali Asghar Soltaniyeh said Friday that the agency's anti-Iran resolution would not affect Tehran's determination to pursue its work and the report it is based on is "unprofessional, illegal and politicized."
"The United States tried its best, worked closely with Mr. Amano (IAEA Director General), trying to have a resolution, a tough resolution, but of course many countries did not accept. Therefore, they were forced to have a so-called mild resolution. The notion of resolution is disappointing, and this is a mistake," Soltaniyeh said.
Soltaniyeh said that the agency's resolution would only strengthen Iran's will to continue its nuclear activities.
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