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The Need of Serious Support of Iranian and Russian Governments of Relations between Businessmen
In the meeting of Iran Chamber's head with Russian parliamentary delegation was emphasized on the need of serious support of two countries' governments of relations between businessmen.

According to the report of ICCIM's Public Relations, pointing to the growth of the volume transactions between Iran and Russia; Mohammad Nahavandian, the head of Iran Chamber said: "according to the high potentials of two countries, the current volume of trade transactions is not satisfied. We have geographical, political and cultural subscriptions with each other, but Russia has not used the existing capacity, because two countries have not provided the needed infrastructure for trade activities well."

He noted: "we should establish the joint transportation companies because the transportation matter is one of the main issues on the trade between Iran and Russia."

Pointing to the activity areas of Russian delegation, Nahavandian stated: "Iran produces food and detergents but there is the possibility of importing all kind of vegetable oil to the country."

Pointing to the 38% growth of trade relations of two countries in this year, Hafiz Salehov said: "we should concentrate on the regional cooperation in this regard."

He was considered the fields of cooperation such as: Energy, Petrochemicals, Oil, Machine and Agricultural products.
Salehov evaluated the development of trade relations on the financial supports.

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