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Persian Gulf Special Zone Welcomes Foreign Investments
The managing director of the Persian Gulf Special Zone for mineral and metal industries said: "the zone embraces foreign investments and we would like to see foreign investors there".

According to the Public Relations Department of the Organization for Investment, Economic & Technical Assistance of Iran (OIETAI), in his meeting with the Indian ambassador and his accompanying delegation, Mr. Masoud Hendian said: "in the past years numerous foreign investments have been made in our zone by foreign investors including the Indian steel producers".

Referring to the amicable and long-standing relations between Iran and India in different areas including economy, he said: "Persian Gulf Special Zone stands ready to have any kind of cooperation with Indian investors and looks forward to benefiting from the experience and expertise of Indians".
India's ambassador to Tehran expressed his pleasure over the success of the Persian Gulf Special Zone and said: "the private sector is determined to have a more salient presence in Hormozgan and specially in this area".
He went on to say that Indian investor companies have chosen the city of Bandar Abbas as their first choice for investments. He also called for an increased number of delegation exchanges between the two sides so that investors from both countries can be acquainted with the potentialities existing in Iran and India.
In a meeting with Managing Director of Qeshm Island Esfandiar Heidaripour on Saturday India's Ambassador to Tehran  had also  expressed his country's interest in investment potentials of Iran's Persian Gulf Qeshm Island, stating that Indian  entrepreneurs are willing to invest in the island.

“Qeshm Island enjoys considerable oil, gas, energy and tourism potentials,” said Ambassador D. P. Srivastava, adding that given the bilateral cultural commonalities, Indian entrepreneurs can invest in the island, IRNA reported.

In addition to oil and gas sectors, Indian investors can also participate in projects related to IT and services, Srivastava noted.
He also pointed to tourism attractions in Qeshm Island and called for launching an airline route between Qeshm and India.
On Saturday, Srivastava, heading a delegation, visited Qeshm to explore ways to expand economic exchanged between India and Qeshm Island.
Qeshm is the biggest island in the Persian Gulf near the Strait of Hormuz, which is stretched closely along the south coastline of Iran's Hormozgan Province.
The island is famous for its wide-ranging ecotourism attractions such as the Hara marine forests.

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