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Considering Strategies of Increasing Investment between India and Bandar- Abbas
Indian ambassador in Iran visited Bandar-Abbas Chamber's head and the members of board representatives with accompany Indian embassy's commercial counselor and Indian consul general in Bandar-Abbas. The strategies of increasing trade and investment were discussed and considered in this meeting.

According to the report of ICCIM's Public Relations quoted Bandar-Abbas Chamber, Mohammad Amin Sabbaqi Zadeh, Bandar-Abbas Chamber's head presented a report of Hormozgan province's potentials and capabilities. He explained the necessary information of investing in Iran for Indian traders and investors.

Presenting a report of this Province's summer crops, Javadi the head of Farmer's House said: "Bandar-Abbas is one of the largest producers of summer crops in Iran."

Indian ambassador knew that Hormozgan Province has the potential of trade transactions with India and said "Because of trade relations with Iran, India has been able to take big steps in creating investment in the country from 10 years ago since now. We wish to cooperate in different areas which our traders can organize investing relations."

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