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April, 2009 News
TitlePublish Date
Meeting between the Chairman of Iran Chamber of Commerce Industries and Mine ( ICCIM ) and the representative of World Intellectual Property Organization. Apr 29, 2009
China"s Changhong Elec Q1 Net Plunges 97% Apr 28, 2009
General Motors offers final survival plan Apr 28, 2009
Ice-Cold Continuous Operation at -243 °Celsius Apr 28, 2009
ABB wins $100 million substation orders in India Apr 28, 2009
The Sealed Bid of “ PETROPARS “ is opened. Apr 28, 2009
Forget Inflation Targets, Go For Dollar-Price Stability Apr 27, 2009
China Can"t Stop Copper"s Softening Apr 27, 2009
Oil falls to near $50 as OPEC says prices too low for investment in production Apr 27, 2009
US Sees Iran as Potential Nabucco Supplier Apr 27, 2009
UAE, Malaysian, Indian, Chinese Investors Interested in Iran Apr 27, 2009
Rebuilding of “BAM and BARAWAT” power networks is about to be finished and is ready for delivering. Apr 27, 2009
Farab Company is sold. Apr 27, 2009
Establishing and putting into operation the 132 KW line of “ Shadgan 2” Apr 27, 2009
250 Billion Rials investing in Mazandaran Apr 27, 2009
Iran Completes Biggest Water Tunnel in ME Apr 26, 2009
Briskness of generating Electricity by non governmental Companies. Apr 26, 2009
The new Managing Director of Iran Energy Efficiency Organization IEEO appointed. Apr 26, 2009
70% of the government’s body will be transferred to the private sector. Apr 26, 2009
Iran to welcome Indian"s Investment in Renewable Energy Apr 26, 2009
"Private Sector to take a Leading Role at the Time of Financial and Economic Crisis" Apr 26, 2009
IMF head says it will sell bonds to raise funds Apr 26, 2009
Tentative deal between Chrysler and Canada union Apr 26, 2009
IMF relevant again, money may fall short Apr 26, 2009
Islamic Republic Of Iran’s most important Economic Board is about to visit Brasilia within next week. Apr 25, 2009
Turkey"s Petkim to build Iran chemicals plant Apr 22, 2009
Iran, Swiss presidents discuss energy, economic ties Apr 22, 2009
Iran pushes away Crescent deal Apr 22, 2009
Iran opens doors to foreign banks Apr 22, 2009
Iran Open to China Energy Investments Apr 22, 2009
Iran MPs Want Supervised Oil, Gas Deals Apr 22, 2009
Iran Enforces Anti-Money Laundering Law Apr 22, 2009
US investment in Iran oil and gas sector Apr 21, 2009
Iran, Kuwait Hold Gas Talks Apr 21, 2009
Iran Discoverd New Oil Field in PG Apr 21, 2009
Iran Ready for Creating Just Global Economic System Apr 20, 2009
Petronas keen to invest in Oman"s energy sector Apr 20, 2009
Kazakhstan expects more deals with Chinese firms Apr 20, 2009
Iran, China to Jointly Tackle Economic Crisis Apr 20, 2009
Iran proposes single Asian currency Apr 20, 2009
Iran Exports 950 mln Barrels Oil Annually Via Kharg Terminal Apr 20, 2009
China"s CIC says considering investments in Europe Apr 20, 2009
Asia currencies gain for week, led by rupiah, on recovery signs Apr 20, 2009
Increasing the resistance of Shahd Rajaee Power Plant’s steam units while using Mazut as its fuel. Apr 19, 2009
Signing a Supplemental Protocol to facilitate issuing Visa for members of Economic Cooperation Organization Apr 19, 2009
The World Bank: Water Consumption in Iran is two times more than the global standards. Apr 18, 2009
Iran asks expatriate to play greater role in nation"s economic development Apr 18, 2009
Iran to inaugurate world"s biggest oil recovery project Apr 18, 2009
Iran, Kuwait hold gas talks Apr 18, 2009
Islamic banks see Iran opportunities by Ulf Leasing Apr 18, 2009
Industries and Mines (ICCIM) supervision on Strategic affairs entrusted to the members of the board of governors Apr 15, 2009
Building 14 dams with 1400 million cubic meter of capacity. Apr 15, 2009
Benin"s Non-resident Ambassador to Iran visits ICCIM Deputy for International Affairs Apr 15, 2009
New wind power Stations with the help of Islamic Republic of Iran Apr 14, 2009
Collecting six trading documents with Arabic and African countries Apr 14, 2009
The World to face an Increase in Demand for Energy after the Global Economic Crisis Apr 14, 2009
Most of our problems especially in Ministry of Energy are duo to weakness of Public relation and Information, the Iranian Minister of Energy quoted assaying. Apr 14, 2009
Iran, Armenia discuss expansion of economic cooperation Apr 13, 2009
Energy Vice Minister: Iran is ready for exporting engineering services to Turkmenistan. Apr 13, 2009
Saudi Arabia Embassy in Tehran Website for Conferences and meetings Apr 13, 2009
We can not be silent when some companies targeting our national potency and ignoring our country’s red lines. Apr 11, 2009
Interview with engineer Abdolkhalegh zadeh, consultant in power plant privatization to the Managing Director of “TAVANIR”( Iran Power and Generation, Transmission and Distribution). Apr 7, 2009
New Managing Director of “Iran Counter Pre-Creator” was appointed after privatization. Apr 5, 2009
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