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May, 2009 News
TitlePublish Date
Tehran to host intl. seminar on foreign investment in Iran May 31, 2009
Nahavandian urges all-out expansion of Iran-Japan economic ties May 31, 2009
Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Syria to link their power networks May 31, 2009
Iran to top South-West Asia in economy, science, technology by 2025 May 31, 2009
Envoy: Iran best economic partner for Japan in Middle East May 31, 2009
SP phases 20 & 21 development contract signed May 31, 2009
"International Energy Management Congress" will held in Tehran 1st June 2009 May 25, 2009
Trading between Iran and Oman is increased. May 25, 2009
A contract for pipe laying (Peace Line) was signed between Iran and Pakistan. May 25, 2009
Iran Chamber of Commerce has commercial relations with 120 countries. May 24, 2009
The country’s biggest water Carrier Project is supplied with pipes . May 24, 2009
Water diminishing facilities will be presented by installments. May 23, 2009
Holding the International Exhibition on Energy Innovation in June 2009 May 20, 2009
15 Megawatt Diesel power plant will be entered into the circuit in Kerman province. May 20, 2009
Water Transmission lines to Zarch city will be put in operation in June 2009. May 20, 2009
The Managing Director of “ Khuzestan ABFA (Water and Sewage) Company “as member of “ Revision in Consumption Patterns “head quarter. May 20, 2009
Second conference on pipe , Petroleum and Gas transmission lines to be hold in coming month. May 18, 2009
The Deputy Minister of Energy: May 18, 2009
475% Growth of Industrial Investing in Fourth Development Planning. May 18, 2009
919 Billion Rials of foreign investors in Stock Exchange May 17, 2009
First National Conference on Thermal Power plants (Gas, Combined Cycle, Steam) May 17, 2009
Flood waters indicate the stability of Economy in our country. May 12, 2009
Increasing the water rating causes better presenting services to the public May 12, 2009
Business Monitor forecast for 2011 Iran’s imports will increase to 60 Billion Dollars . May 11, 2009
The Minister of Commerce emphasized: The necessity of increasing “Export Guarantee Fund of Iran “services for exporters May 11, 2009
In order to develop mutual cooperation: Connection between Iranian and Brazilian investors by creating communication lines. May 11, 2009
Germany’s view to Iran’s Petroleum Industry May 9, 2009
Iran and Syria opportunities for trading and investing Seminar May 9, 2009
Boycotting Iran is unlikely May 6, 2009
Boycotting of petrol is a strategy for haggling May 6, 2009
The Minister of Energy informed about refilling 15 new dams with water in the new Iranian year (1388) in different provinces. May 6, 2009
General meeting of Iran – Germany Chamber of Commerce May 5, 2009
Reflections on the chronology of the financial crisis May 5, 2009
Iran has a great forward move in water refinery. May 4, 2009
Iran is the best opportunity for investing due to its political and economic stability. May 4, 2009
Abu Dhabi Onshore awards $818m bid May 4, 2009
AIG close to selling Japanese headquarters: report May 4, 2009
Iran President to visit Brazil for trade talks May 3, 2009
International reserve Currencies has increased up to 36% in the 9th State Of Government. May 3, 2009
Carrying on the election of Iran-Spain and Portugal Business Council. May 3, 2009
Signing a Memorandum of Understanding for legal cooperation between Iran and Belarus. May 2, 2009
Iraq needs 50 Billion Dollars to renovate its Petroleum Industry. May 2, 2009
Importing from North – West with null Tariff has begun. May 2, 2009
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