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September, 2009 News
TitlePublish Date
Foreign investment ups in Iran despite global downturn Sep 27, 2009
Ambassadors of the Islamic Countries to Iran attend Iftar Ceremony in ICCIM Sep 27, 2009
Iran ready for gasoline sanction: oil minister Sep 19, 2009
Envoy: Iran to Import 5 bcm of Natural Gas from Azerbaijan Annually Sep 19, 2009
Emphasis by Indian Minster on Expansion of Energy Trade with IRI Sep 19, 2009
The construction of oil refinery was approved Sep 16, 2009
Iran Investment Opportunities Seminar will be held in Turkey, Head of OIETAI said. Sep 16, 2009
500Mln. Income from Fuel Sales to Ships in Persian Gulf Sep 15, 2009
Iran, Iraq adopt three methods to invest in joint oilfields Sep 14, 2009
Portuguese Delegation visited ICCIM Director for Bilateral Relations Sep 13, 2009
154th (Ordinary) Meeting of the OPEC Conference Sep 12, 2009
Iran denies negotiations with Oil India Sep 10, 2009
Head of ICCIM in a meeting of Business Council of Iranian Residents of Dubai Sep 10, 2009
Iran, Venezuela sign 3 energy MoUs Sep 9, 2009
Conference on Iranian investment opportunities in Turkey to be held Sep 9, 2009
A meeting between ICCIM Board Members and Board Members of Joint Chambers and Business Councils Sep 8, 2009
10%increase in Iranian crude steel production Sep 6, 2009
Iran to Speed up Development of South Pars Gas Field Sep 5, 2009
Iran Rejects Reports on Reduction of Crude Oil Sales Sep 2, 2009
4th Meeting of Olive National Council to be held with the attendance of Head of ICCIM Sep 2, 2009
Iran Increases Fuel Storage Capacity Sep 1, 2009
Iran to Connect High Pressure Gas Pipeline Network to Regional States Sep 1, 2009
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