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November, 2010 News
TitlePublish Date
The Head of Iran Chamber in the 7th meeting on Tourism Ministers of Islamic Conference Organization Nov 30, 2010
Iran, Malaysia chambers of commerce call for expanded ties Nov 30, 2010
Alishiri: Consulting firms should facilitate foreign capital attraction. Nov 29, 2010
The Visiting of the Head of Algeria Chamber of Commerce with the Head of Iran Chamber Nov 28, 2010
Center for Foreign Investment Services Gets to Work Nov 26, 2010
The achievements of the international forum held in Kohgiluyeh & Boyerahmad Province Nov 22, 2010
Hungary Reiterates Support for Iran's N. Rights Nov 22, 2010
The holding of the First National Conference on Competitiveness Nov 20, 2010
Iran,5+1 continue consultations; Iran Foreign spokesman Nov 20, 2010
The Meeting of Myanmar Ambassador with the ICCIM Vice-President International Affairs Nov 19, 2010
The Meeting of the Higher Advisor of Sudan President with the head of Iran Chamber Nov 16, 2010
Bushehr N. Power Plant to Join National Grid in 40 Days Nov 16, 2010
The Meeting of the ICCIM Board Member with the head of Foreign Affairs Committee of Congo parliament Nov 14, 2010
Djibouti Parliament Speaker visited Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance Nov 14, 2010
Straw: Gaining access to peaceful nuclear program is Iran’s right Nov 13, 2010
Iran agrees to talk with G5+1 in Turkey Nov 13, 2010
Iran's hydroelectric capacity set to rise Nov 12, 2010
Iran proposed: joint investment between Iran and China formed Nov 12, 2010
2nd China Investment Conference held in foreign countries in the presence of Iran Nov 11, 2010
Iran to attend China investment seminar Nov 11, 2010
Iranian Company Buys Daewoo Electronics Nov 7, 2010
The Meeting of Armenian Prime-Minister, attended by the Head and Members of ICCIM Nov 7, 2010
The Visiting of General Director of World Customs Organization with the Head of ICCIM Nov 3, 2010
Iran Welcomes G5+1 Return to N. Talks Nov 3, 2010
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