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December, 2010 News
TitlePublish Date
Hike in water, power prices earns govt $5b Dec 30, 2010
Reflection of Iran’s Investment Opportunities Forum in Chinese Media Dec 30, 2010
ِDeputy Director General for the Office of Supervision over the Loans stressed: Abadan Combined cycle Power plant is among the most successful Loan-based Projects. Dec 29, 2010
Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance, talking in the Investment Opportunities Forum in Kish island broke the news: Kish petroleum stock exchange starts running in near future. Dec 29, 2010
Iran Boosts Energy Ties with Tajikistan & Afghanistan Dec 27, 2010
Signing of Agreements with 60 Countries Across the World to Protect and Promote Foreign Investment Dec 27, 2010
Alishiri In the National Forum on Transit Towards Development: Technical Preparedness for Attracting International Financial Facilities for transportation projects is inescapable. Dec 25, 2010
Iran Succeeds in Producing Nuclear Thickness, Level Gauges Dec 21, 2010
Tehran, Baghdad to continue energy talks Dec 19, 2010
In the Meeting with Presiding Body of Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Alishiri pronounced: To Attract Foreign Investment, Active and Fresh Private Sector Is Needed Dec 17, 2010
Alishiri Announced: MOU of Cooperation and Protection of Investors Between Iran and Djibouti Signed Dec 13, 2010
Alishri: Kish Island to Host 200 Foreign Investors Dec 12, 2010
Non-oil exports hit $20 billion Dec 12, 2010
The Head of Tirana Chamber asked for the Presence of Iranian Investors in the Power Plant Sector of Albania Dec 11, 2010
The Cooperation MOU to be signed between Iran Chamber and Confederation of Asia-Pacific Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CACCI) Dec 11, 2010
Financing 50 Percent of Development Budget Through Investment Attraction. Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance, Talking to ISNA: Enhancement of Private Sector Contribution to Development Activities Dec 9, 2010
The Expansion of Cooperation of Iran and Malaysia in the Subject of Halal Dec 9, 2010
Fuel bank is a path to nuclear apartheid, Iran envoy says Dec 8, 2010
Domestically produced yellowcake delivered to Isfahan UCF Dec 7, 2010
Construction of 4000 Residential Units by Foreign Investor Dec 7, 2010
For the Propagation and Enhancement of Foreign Investment Attraction, “Coalition of Capital” Quarterly obtained Publication License. Dec 6, 2010
Director General for the Office for Foreign Economic Relations Reported of Enhancing Economic Relations with the Syrians. Dec 6, 2010
The Visiting of the Head of Iran Chamber with the President of Islamic Center for Development of Trade Dec 4, 2010
€250m in overseas bond sale for SP Dec 4, 2010
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