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February, 2011 News
TitlePublish Date
Iran’s industrial, mineral exports at $18b Feb 28, 2011
Iran Temporarily Removes Fuel from Bushehr NPP Feb 28, 2011
Iran-Turkey Forum to be held in Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines Feb 25, 2011
Iraq’s Iranian-built Al Sadr power-plant set for operation Feb 25, 2011
Energy Intensity Reducing By 50 Percent Feb 23, 2011
Alishiri Announced: The Government Does Every Thing in Its Power to Overcomes the Problems of Investors Feb 23, 2011
The Dispatching of the Iranian Trade Delegation to Bulgaria Feb 17, 2011
On the Hundred and Thirty Ninth Session of Foreign Investment Board, Three New Investment Projects Were Approved Feb 17, 2011
To be formed Iran-Kuwait Joint Council Feb 15, 2011
Iran reliable energy partner for Europe Feb 15, 2011
Iran to open electricity bourse next year Feb 13, 2011
It was announced, On the Visit of Alishiri from Three Foreign Investment Projects: 67 million Dollars inflow of Capital plus Creation of 530 direct Jobs Feb 13, 2011
Minister of Industry of Thailand in His Meeting with Alishiri: Iran Investment Opportunities Forum is a Turning Point in the Economic Relations of the Two Countries Feb 9, 2011
Bushehr plant to be connected to national grid by Feb. 20 Feb 6, 2011
President of the Organization for Investment, Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran envisaged for the current Iranian year, 1389: the inflow of foreign capital exceeds 3 billion dollars. Feb 6, 2011
Iran's First NPP to Join National Grid in April Feb 5, 2011
Thailand Minister of Industry Announced: Thai Investors Eager to Invest in Iran Feb 5, 2011
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