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September, 2011 News
TitlePublish Date
The Meeting of ICCIM's Director General International Trade Services with Turkish Trade Delegation Sep 28, 2011
Finance Minister: World Bank should Avoid Politically-motivated Attitudes Sep 28, 2011
Managing Director of Bourse Organization: Iran had the World's Only Positive Bourse in the Last six Months Sep 23, 2011
Iran to Establish Joint Power Stations with Russia and Turkey Sep 23, 2011
The Foreign Investment Council of I.R. Iran Meets for the 149th time Sep 20, 2011
In a Meeting between Azerbaijani' Ambassador to Iran and ICCIM's President to be posed: Investment in Construction Projects and Establishing Trade Office in Azerbaijan Sep 17, 2011
Iranian Finance Minister announces foreign investment leap Sep 17, 2011
Investors in Alborz Province to Receive Tax Exemptions for 10 Years Sep 15, 2011
Tehran Stock Exchange tops Bourses in Europe, Africa and ME Sep 15, 2011
Alishiri: 5 Billion dollars worth of Foreign Investment Projects Approved since the Beginning of the Iranian Year Sep 12, 2011
Value of Iran’s gold reserves triples: central banker Sep 12, 2011
Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance: Iran now an Economic Hub in the Middle East Sep 10, 2011
By Linking Bushehr Plant to the National Grid; Iran Joins World Nuclear Club Sep 10, 2011
Foreign Investment Projects worth 250 million dollars Approved by the Foreign Investment Council of I.R. Iran Sep 6, 2011
Dr. Nahavandian: Ramadan spiritual message to be manifested in economic issues Sep 3, 2011
Iran Builds Its First Geothermal Plant Sep 3, 2011
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